Do The Denim Thing

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Call it my Toronto upbringing bias, but I’m a big fan of the Canadian Tuxedo and all of its varietal possibilities.

A dude in some western vibes? Yep. Metropolitan with a red lip, cream turtleneck, and silver earrings? You bet (I have very specific sartorial fantasies). Justin and Britney on the red carpet in 2001? Can’t say I could ever pull that one off but it sure was iconic. But the denim on denim look can be tough to maneuver! Personally I struggle most with washes, proportions, and looking like the wrong kind of farmer. Lucky for me, our friend and stylist Jessi Frederick made a very strong case for the chic, sophisticated, and completely updated all denim ensemble.

fashion denim atelier dore photo

fashion denim atelier dore photo

Jacket, Acne ; Jumpsuit, Apiece Apart ; Earrings, Sorelle

What Jessi says, I do. When it comes to mixing denim washes (I did tell you I struggled with this…), she says it’s better to keep it safe and pair light with dark so you don’t end up “too close, but not close enough.” A white denim jumpsuit with a red denim jacket works because they don’t compete. Plus the white stitching in the jacket ties it all together. Subtlety is sexy.

fashion denim atelier dore photo

fashion denim atelier dore photo

Do The Denim Thing

Jacket, Nanushka ; Sweater, Lorod ; Jeans, Sandy Liang ; Boots, Neous

An updated take on a classic trend requires an updated take on its main ingredient. Jeans with a frayed wide leg and an embroidered text detail on the crotch achieve this, and then some. Also, is it possible to find your soul mate in a pair of jeans? Asking for a friend… Paired with a jacket in the same shade (can’t go wrong with black) and a leather pocket detail – you’ve got yourself a modern woman, and that modern woman is you.



Jacket, Nanushka ; Dress, Nanushka ; Boots, Model’s own

fashion denim atelier dore photo

Enough about my obsession with admiration for embroidered crotch details, let’s get back to Jessi’s professional advice. If you’re wearing a one-wash denim look, she encourages the focus to be on small details that will help break up the head-to-toe denim. Things like bags, belts, pops of color, the addition of a white t-shirt, and even a simple ankle cuff will help add dimension.

fashion denim atelier dore photo

Shirt, Caron Callahan ; Jeans, Caron Callahan

fashion denim atelier dore photo


Gone are the days when denim on denim solicited thoughts strictly of awkward family photos from the 90s and truckers headed west. Jessi has proven that the road to heaven is paved with good denim combinations. Instead of being afraid of doubling up, let the denim on denim be your canvas, colored with originality and some really great accessories. What do ya say, cowboy?

Do The Denim Thing

Shirt, Goldsign ; Skirt, Goldsign ; Loafers, Neous ; Belt Bag, Vere Verto


Do The Denim Thing

Shirt, Ilana Kohn ; Jeans, Jesse Kamm ; Bag, Vere Verto


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  • Absolutely beautiful photo series. :) Gorgeous!

  • Tres beau portrait du modele avec ce lipstick rouge/orange, et puis cette coupe de cheveux lui va a ravir.

  • Go go go Canada! ;) Yes to full denim look!

  • Your style is very unique. Lovely photo shoot. You really know how to work Canadian Tuxedos. Oh, and I love the white boots! Stunning!

  • Jessica Alsberg November, 14 2017, 10:07 / Reply

    Love the last two looks (wish I could see them in full!).

    I feel weird about that crotch embroidery, TBH. Is it sending a really weird message about consent, or is that just me?

  • She looks great, but I am still living in 2002 where all over denim means Britney and Justin matching in all denim outfits to an awards show :)

    On the topic of avant-garde trends, I question the jumpsuit trend and look at some chic possibilities to “jump in” over on my page:

  • The denim looks are great. Very fresh denim taste. Great post.

  • very nice and great post.Realy helpful article.Thanks for sharing.

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