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I moved to New York from California nearly eight years ago. I’m constantly confronted with the question of, “Will you ever move back??” Rarely do I tell the inquirer I was actually born in Nebraska…

My love for both the East and West coast is like a Telenovela melodrama, constantly torn between two very different but equally appealing lives / lovers, where it isn’t possible to have both at the same time without getting hit with a serious dose of reality. Because a) not a millionaire and b) are threesomes ever healthy? Maybe don’t answer that.

It isn’t a solution to my Jekyl/Hyde coastal emotions, but this Cali/York sweatshirt from Cynthia Rowley seems to understand my sentiment and allows both places to remain close to my heart, even if only for a brief moment of chilliness.

Sweater, Cynthia Rowley


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  • Comme je te comprends!
    Il me semble que seuls ceux qui n’ont jamais bougé peuvent éviter cette valse hésitation.
    Mon coeur balance toujours entre plein de vies possibles et particulièrement entre la douceur de vivre mexicaine et le raffinement français.
    Pendant longtemps, j’ai cru qu’il existait une solution idéale, qu’une localisation pouvait présenter tous les avantages.
    Aujourd’hui, j’ai l’impression que tout dépend des étapes de la vie, des circonstances, et j’apprécie follement de passer quelques mois/années au Mexique, puis de me réinstaller en France pour de nouvelles aventures…
    En tout cas, bravo pour cet article!

  • Heather July, 24 2017, 7:56 / Reply

    24 years in Cali. 10 in NYC. Now 3 in Philly. Getting to experience both coasts gives you such perspective. I’m constantly torn as well and totally understand it’s impossible to be dual-coastal without major flexibility and money.

    When I moved to NYC from Cali I tried to change so much of myself to fit in: accent, style, cultural references, and etc. So happy the whole world is embracing the California aesthetic in food, style and mentality. It makes everywhere else a little easier to live.

    And totally buying!

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