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I have a love hate relationship with denim. On the one hand, I really, really love it. I wear jeans pretty much every day, even in the summer. A good pair of jeans is my most important wardrobe staple. On the other hand, trying to find that perfect pair can be a nightmare. I’m not one of those girls who lives for the hunt. Does it make my butt look good? Is it going to stretch? I don’t want to deal with it. I try to find a fit that I like and stick with it.

I think that everyone has their own method when it comes to finding the perfect pair. It’s a bit like skincare, there is no universal solution. Knowing this, I still like to ask people what they’re wearing. If I can’t find a useful tip, at least I might hear a good shopping story.

To kick off our community week, I did just that, and asked a couple of the coolest girls we know to tell us about their denim go-tos.

First, our friend Clem! You might remember her from here. We really lucked out because she also brought her gorgeous friend, Mari.





Mari | @mari_agory
Due to my growing belly, this entire summer I have been wearing dresses! It’s always refreshing to switch things up, maxi dresses, short dresses, denim dresses etc.. but I think denim, be it jacket, jeans, dress – is the ultimate cool look. I love this dress because it’s got strings on the side for me to adjust how loose or tight I’d like to wear it, the perfect dress for pregnancy!

Clémentine | @bonjourclem
When looking for denim my number one priority is comfort. Number two is fit and number three is style. If I can’t find all 3 in one pair of denim I will not buy them. That’s why this pair is the last I bought, almost 2 years ago! My denim always gap at the waist. I have an unusual waist/hips ratio so I always need my denim (and all pants) tailored at the waist. I like this Violetta by Mango pair because it’s really rough denim. As a plus size gal, I am always faced with 2 choices in denim: skinny stretch or skinny super stretch. I am tired of it and I always dreamed of good Ol mum jeans! Found them in my size!


Next up, Heloise! Our friend and a former Atelier girl. She’s got the best style!

Heloise | @superhelder
I found these 505’s a few years back on a rainy Sunday afternoon at 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas in Williamsburg. The best $25 dollars I have ever spent and probably the closest I’ve come to owning the perfect Levi’s. I’m pretty nuts about the hunt! These sit right at my belly button, medium wash with no weird do-dads and a great length. I’m tall so it can be tough to find jeans that are long. Plus, 505s have a zip fly! As charming as a button fly is, I always seem to have missed a button…

The denim shirt belonged to a horrible ex-boyfriend of mine. We all have at least one of those (the ex not the shirt)! Hands down, it’s the best thing I got out of that relationship. For me, the key is to find a shirt that is oversized without being too boxy. Acne cuts a lot of their men’s shirts on the narrow side which works well on my frame. I pretty much only wear men’s shirts these days. I like that you can wear them buttoned up on their own or open over dresses and tee’s, like a jacket.


Lastly, Sophia! Who in our eyes can do no wrong (and certainly cannot take a bad picture!).

Sophia | @sophia_roe
I’m wearing the Ziggy Jumpsuit by Rachel Antonoff. You can catch me six out of seven days of the week in a jumpsuit, so it’s only fitting that a jumpsuit would also happen to be my favorite denim piece. Pretty consistently, and by that I mean 365 days a year you can catch me rocking a print, so basically this jumpsuit is everything I love in one look. It’d say it’s my slightly less “matter of fact” version of the animal print trend, all wrapped up in a perfectly fitting denim jumpsuit (which we all know is almost impossible to find) All the thanks to Rachel!!





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