Héloïse in Monaco

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Obviously we weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to highlight the style of the chic, chic women that accompanied us to Monaco. First up, Héloïse! We are not shy about our love for Héloïse. After coming back from Morocco the team could not stop talking about how damn cool she was. Self assured, casual, and refreshingly down to earth. We won’t ruin the surprise but read on to find out how Garance met Héloïse and why we keep asking her to hangout with us whenever possible.

Can you tell the story of how you and Garance met and became friends?

Time can mean very little when it comes to friendship. Some friends I have known my entire life, others a few years and others only a few months. And that is especially true come a certain age. What matters is the connection between two people. I had very briefly met Garance years ago at a fashion show in NY, I remember thinking she had the best style and the best legs but we did not stay in touch.

In May 2017, I was on a family road trip around Joshua Tree, I hadn’t launched my company yet, but had a baby Instagram account. I was using my phone as a GPS and all of a sudden saw that Garance started following Miss Maggie’s Kitchen! I was filled with joy and wondered how she had discovered it (which is something I still don’t have the answer to as I always forget to ask her !). We began exchanging messages during the Summer and I thought to myself I had to meet her because it felt like we already knew each other. She told me about Atelier Doré’s creative retreat in Marrakech and bingo, I knew I had to go!

A few months later, we met at the retreat (which I highly recommend – it was an amazing week with incredible women from around the world) and ever since she has been in my heart. We share similar cultures & values, a great curiosity for others, are sensitive souls & both live with artists. So it’s quite natural ! Distance is a drag, but friends always pick up where they left off, as if they had had coffee together the day before. She’s spontaneous, supportive & super smart… but you know that already !



You have done some extensive traveling around the world, how does that influence your style? Do you like to pick up pieces while you travel? Any rules you live by when doing so?

Travelling has definitely influenced my style in many ways. I am always inspired by the traditional clothing of cultures, the colors of walls, tiles, architecture, flowers & food. I adore local markets (food, flowers, fabrics, ribbons, artisans who make ceramics, glass …), it’s the first place I go as you get a real sense of a culture there. I travel with one very light suitcase and come home with at least three very heavy ones full of either pieces that I have seen used in everyday life, pieces I create with local artisans or “coups de cœur” such as a painting, a sculpture, a vintage fabric or piece of jewelry. My one rule is not really a rule… I just listen to my heart!

Everyone on the Monte Carlo trip commented how refreshing your strong sense of self was. Do you think you were born with this or did it take some time to develop?

Ah that’s interesting & nice to know! I have a strong character (my husband can confirm!) but my sense of self has taken some time to develop. My fortieth birthday was a turning point – you realize that you are mid-life & want to savor each day and listen to the little voice inside of you to be who you want to be and where you want to be and do a lot of what you love the most (and not what society tells you you should do). And here I am two years later, happier than ever! Life is not a tranquil sailing journey, but knowing & accepting who I am has helped me face difficulties in a more harmonious & serene way.

Héloïse in Monaco
Héloïse in Monaco

How does clothing help you find your sense of self? Have you always known your style or has it evolved with time?

I feel that we show who we are and how we feel through the clothes we wear. We tell a story with our style, therefore clothing helps define ourselves. My basic style has always been the same… but some things have definitely evolved! For instance, I tried wearing heels years ago but quickly gave up – for one thing I am tall enough ; and I have never felt comfortable in them (I love dancing and the best way to be is barefoot, not in 15cm high heels!). I admire women who wear them, but they’re just not me.

Can you talk a bit about your business, Miss Maggie’s Kitchen? Where did the idea generate from?

Miss Maggie’s Kitchen just sort of came to be – I had never thought it would be a business. I have always loved coming up with new recipes & sharing them with friends & family – little by little the word spread and in a few months I came to realize that it should & could be a business and that all of the things I love could be a part of it : food, travel, lifestyle, working with talents & artisans I adore… through a recipe journal, a box of treasures (4 times/year – one per year is dedicated to a country, the Bonjour Senegal box just came out !), films, events, collaborations with brands and press (I developed 7 weeks of recipes for ELLE France this summer)… and there is so much more I would love to do this year : find a venue/studio, a book project etc. The possibilities are endless!

Héloïse in Monaco
Héloïse in Monaco

Bodysuit, Sézane; Jeans, & Other Stories; Shoes, Sézane; Bag, L.O.N.B.

Striped shirt & navy pants, Cos; Necklace, mix of vintage lucky charms; Bracelets, found in India; Head scarf, Bonton; Yellow sandals, Roger Vivier; Small earring, Maria Tash from Hod.

White dress, Sœur; Bag, CSAO x Miss Maggie’s Kitchen collaboration bag (made out of wax and hand embroidered in Senegal); Sunglasses, Louis Vuitton.

Shell bracelets, found in India; Brass bracelets, found in Senegal; Earring, LA2L.


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  • I loe the idea of a box of treasures! Heloise seems to inspiring and cool. I’ve had me eye on that L.O.N.B bag since you introduced it here and soon the black one is going to be mine :)

  • J’adore le foulard porte “a la gypsy” sur la 5eme photo.

  • It was lovely to actually meet Héloïse in Morocco!!! And great to see you in Paris earlier this year! What an incredibly wonderful read about her in your story!!!! I love knowing this background about how she met Garance and find her incredibly inspiring! Just like Garance! This was a wonderful post on Monaco! :)

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira July, 10 2018, 2:36 / Reply


  • I loved meeting Héloïse in Marrakech! I’m still in love with the photo she shared with the group there :) It is so beautiful to see self assured women like her profiled here. Props to whoever took these photos, they captured her beautifully!

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