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A single Google search of Ilkin Kurt could build an entire mood board. Her style is endlessly inspiring in it’s ability to be both spontaneous and “on brand.” We’ve featured Ilkin once before on the streets of Sydney but when she dropped by New York, we couldn’t help but expand a bit on our fashion crush and ask her to show us a few more looks. Read on to find out how this buyer shapes her style.


Ilkin Kurt Atelier Dore

Ilkin Kurt Atelier Dore

Describe your style in 3 words.
I don’t have 3 words to describe my style. I can only say it is very experimental and impulsive. It really depends on my mood and the weather.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform to wear every day?
A classic throw-on dress or shirt/jean combo. I think any woman can look elegant, simple, yet very attractive in a good cut shirt and pants.

Ilkin Kurt Atelier Dore

Ilkin Kurt Atelier Dore

Who are your style icons?
I don’t have any style icons, but I really admire/respect a few names… Loulou de la Falaise and Elsa Peretti for their unstudied style and pure approach to life. I have to say I always get inspired by pretty much every picture of Sade and Grace Jones. They are the power houses!

As a buyer and brand consultant, do you approach dressing yourself with that same refined eye? Or do you allow yourself a bit more freedom when shopping for yourself?
Dressing yourself aligns with your mindset. When you buy for a store your priority is the store’s vision aligning with customer’s need and want. Surely you can feel a buyer’s touch and vision as the whole process involves educating customers too.

In terms of a refined eye, I’m a good vintage collector. I guess it comes from my childhood. These days my only shopping destinations are the vintage stores where I can find an amazing Mugler jacket or 70’s/80’s YSL or 90’s Prada. I can go WILD!

Ilkin Kurt Atelier Dore

Ilkin Kurt Atelier Dore

I was shocked to hear that your red boots were from Zara. What are your tips and tricks for mixing high to low brands?
I know, everyone kept asking me about those boots during NYFW and had the same reaction. I guess people expect you to wear some trendy high-end labels and they get shock with the reality. I packed 2 boots for NY; these guys and black Alaia’s. It is hard to give general tips as everyone has a different body type and approach to fashion. I can only say if you like something don’t worry about what other people will think about your choices, go with your guts: ‘Why not?’

Ilkin Kurt Atelier Dore

Cream sweater, Sea NY; Pants, Apiece Apart; Shoes, family heirloom.

Black dress, Veda; earrings, Isabel Marant; boots, Zara.

Trench coat, Creatures of the Wind; leather jacket and pants, Veda; knit top, Lemaire; silk shirt; vintage Versache; boots, Zara; bag, Jerome Dreyfuss.


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  • Lisa Walker April, 18 2018, 12:30 / Reply

    great style

  • J’adore ces billets. Je découvre des personnalités, des styles, et de jolies pièces ! Merci pour ces découvertes !

    Aurore / Au’riginalité du blog

  • Refinded simplicity- Ilkin Kurt is the epitome of the graceful simple look . I take note that both of the women she admires , have worked in jewelry and accessories . Simplicity like jewelry or accessories is about editing . Like Chanel said before you leave to go out take one thing off ! Simplicity!
    Dress The Part

  • sarah donald April, 19 2018, 12:50 / Reply

    I really like enjoyed reading this. She obviously has a great style but her mindset is greater. She seems like a very sophisticated woman!

    Love Atelier Dore!! x

  • Miranda April, 19 2018, 2:49 / Reply

    Ah I met her in Como/Italy at 10 Corso Como years ago. She was wearing the most beautiful shape champagne colour silk dress and simple gold sandals. Beautiful olive tan and curls (now she has a short hair which suits her) thought she must be an actress but then found out she is a fashion consultant/stylist. Such a lovely inspiring down to earth woman! Lovely to see her here!

  • Love, love, lover her short hair style! Short hair is just as chic and cute as long, and is not photographed enough! Her style is perfection too, the dark maroons placed perfectly, perfection, great post :)

  • Kristin April, 20 2018, 1:03 / Reply

    Oh that hair cut! I love her cream outfit, so simple and effortless. I wonder about the family heirloom shoes! what a colour! She is obviously on trend but on her very own way. Love to see posts like this: real woman! Amazing post Atelier Dore x

  • Ophelia April, 20 2018, 2:12 / Reply

    Her style is between French simplicity to NY busy life! Loved the way she layered knit,shirt, jacket and trench! how sophisticated.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira April, 21 2018, 3:09 / Reply

    The Title says it All !!!

  • J’adore le dernier look, avec le trench coat : power look très féminin !

  • georgia ulrich April, 22 2018, 5:13 / Reply

    Beside her beautiful looks, she is honest and real. Love her answers about her style and style icons. Obviously she is very cultured and modest woman. Love the post girls! x

  • Her hair inspired me so much! reminds me of an early 90’s Linda Evangalista feeling. My Korean roots dont allow me to go that short sadly:( Also that Sea jumper, those sleeves! slay xx

  • Valentine April, 23 2018, 11:13 / Reply

    Ton look est sublime et cette paire de derbies métallisée bordeaux sur le premier cliché encore plus ! Je n’ai pas trouvé les tiennes mais j’ai trouvé un modèle similaire sur :
    Au plaisir de voir encore d’autres looks

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