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You know those people who can make a really simple meal taste amazing? I’m definitely not one of them, but I’m lucky enough to know a few. What they tell me is that it’s all about the little extras. A bit of garlic, a sprinkle of salt, some chopped up herbs (ok, I won’t get carried away with the ingredients… I told you I’m not much of a cook), it’s those little additions that make the meal.

I like to think that the same logic applies to making a really simple outfit look great. It’s all about the details. Whether it’s a collection of cool rings (like Alyse’s in this photo), a statement lip, or a great vintage bag, it’s those little extras that elevate the look.

A bit more about the jewelry in the photos from Alyse, the owner of this great ring collection…

“I wear the same jewelry nearly everyday, with the exception of one ring (the golden hand) which I love adding to the mix once and a while. It’s from a friend and amazing designer, Pili Restrepo. I get so many compliments on it when I break it out!

The cigar signet ring was my mother’s, she made it when she was my age. It’s her initials ‘GAA’, written in a playful script with traditional Panamanian textured gold.

On my other middle finger I’m wearing a vintage white gold diamond ring my grandfather gave my grandmother for Christmas in the 70s. It’s a little big for me, and I have a crippling fear of losing it, so I stack a diamond band I bought on vacation in Thailand last year. It’s snug enough to keep granny’s ring in place.

I have a mixed metal silver and gold band I bought in a Berlin thrift store my first time there in 2010 on my ring finger & a tiny gold band on my pointer that serves as a friendship band for my bestie Jesse & I.

Bracelets always on the right wrist since I’m left handed and can’t really write when I wear things on the left side. One bent nail bangle from Crangi Brothers with my initials engraved and a really delicate gold and diamond bracelet my dad sent me for no special reason one year. I never take that one off.”

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