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It might be clear by now that we recently spent some time in LA. Ah, LA…. One of the people high on my list to hang out with was Eliana Rodriguez. With a style that feels both unique and approachable, she’s a lady after my own heart. Her good taste is unsurprising though, she’s a current creative director and a former designer at American Apparel. With a clear voice, strong aesthetic, poise, humor, and kindness (shall I go on?), she’s a modern woman to her core. Such a pleasure to have her on the site today, straight from her dreamy Beachwood Canyon garden…



Describe your style in 3 words.
I hate putting style into words. I’m sorry. It’s a weird pet peeve I have.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform to wear every day?
Depends on my mood but if I had to pick one, fancy pajamas and a trench coat. And comfortable shoes. And good earrings!

You live & work in LA, but your roots are in Venezuela. How does this influence your style?
I moved away from Venezuela when I was little and grew up in Montreal, but my latin roots come out more and more as I get older. I think it’s made me embrace sensuality and drama. LA has had a paradoxical effect on me. On the one hand it’s definitely made me lazier, more comfort-driven day-to-day because everything here is so casual and sporty. On the other hand, LA and the entertainment industry have influenced me to approach fashion from a more cinematic point of view.

LA Eliana

As a Creative Director, where do you most often find your inspiration? And does this translate to how you present yourself?
I mean, inspiration is everywhere. Vintage shopping, people watching, travel, old magazines and films, and the internet of course. I’m also surrounded by creative people with really strong aesthetic sensibilities which is cool because you’re constantly playing off each other. Some of it translates to how I dress, but I try to stay true to the core of what I like and look good in. I think the best personal style grows with you, so ideally at 80 I’ll dress in a similar, maybe more evolved version, of how I dress now.

Who are your style icons?
Princess Diana, Frida Khalo, Penelope Cruz, Cher, Joan Didion, Richard Gere in American Gigolo…. I mean, I could dress like Richard Gere in American Gigolo for the rest of my life and be happy.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 7.25.29 PM


fashion 3 look eliana atelier dore photo

Look 1: Blouse, Vintage Armani ; Skirt, DIY ; Slides, Mansur Gavriel ; Earrings, Luiny / Look 2: Military Jumpsuit, Vintage ; Slides, By Far ; Earrings, Sophie Monet / Look 3: Turtleneck, Vintage Tommy Hilfiger ; Trousers, Vintage ; Trench Coat, Vintage Aquascutum ; Boots, Chloe ; Earrings, Sophie Monet


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  • Thank you so much for making me aware of the Luiny brand! I followed up on the earrings because they’re just my style, and I found that I love every thing on the site. The prices are so very reasonable that this is beyond “aspirational” to just must buy.

  • Her hair!!! (L)

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