Ladies in Layers

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Meron Kibret

As I sit here writing this on April 24th, I think I might finally be able to say it… winter… is… over! Did I say it too soon? Mother Nature really likes to mess around with us during April. She teases us with a bit of glorious sunshine here, then gives us a torrential rain storm a couple of hours later. BUT, I’m pretty sure that we’re not going to be hit with another snowstorm in New York this year (insert prayer hands here) and that the dark, cold, bitter days are over.

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

Rejoice!! The beginning of spring weather, and that little touch of sunshine that comes with it, has the power to change my entire mood. All of a sudden I’m a social butterfly, wanting to meet for patio drinks every night of the week. I’m walking instead of slinking onto the subway, I’m smiling at random people on the street.

Ladies in Layers

Springtime also reinvigorates my will to dress every morning. Under the shining sun, my go-to jeans and sweater feel stale and boring. My long lost creativity comes flooding back, just in time! Nothing beats those little hints of spring, but fluctuating weather isn’t exactly easy to dress for.

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial
atelier dore layers fashion story editorial
atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

If you need a bit of inspiration to get the wardrobe juices flowing, we came up with some ideas for you here. Spring dressing for me is all about layers, layers, layers, both for creativity and for comfort. Suiting separates, jackets, blouses and light knits all lend themselves nicely to the look.

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

During springtime in New York, you never know what the weather gods will bestow on us, so best to be prepared and layer up!

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

atelier dore layers fashion story editorial

Trench, Vince; Suit, Rejina Pyo; Shirt. COS; Shoes, Miista; Earrings, Beaufille

Jacket, shirt, and pants, Proenza Schouler; Earrings, Beaufille

Jacket, Theory; Shirt, Stylist’s Own; Pants, Theory; Shoes, Tibi; Earrings, Beaufille

Trench, Stylist’s Own; Shirt, Theory; Sweater; Raey; Turtlenck, Commando; Shorts, Stylist’s Own; Shoes, Stylist’s Own; Earrings, Beaufille

Shirt, jacket, and skirt; Joseph; Turtleneck, Commando; Shoes, Tibi; Earrings, Beaufille; Quilts, A.P.C.

Jacket, Tibi; Shirt and jeans, Acne Studios; Bag, Ratio et Motus; Shoes, Model’s Own


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  • Amazing editorial. I’ve got an oversized trench I bought couple of years ago and although I love it, it’s either too cold or too hot for it and I normally get one day when I can wear it :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Superbe editorial. Bravo a la photographe, la styliste et le modele.
    J’aime tout !

  • DaveysHouse April, 27 2019, 12:41 / Reply

    Ooooh, these shoots by Bogdana and CHristina get more and more beautiful by the minute!

  • Loving this editorial–especially that mint skirt!

    Jaya |

  • Loving this editorial–especially that mint skirt. So pretty!

    Jaya |

  • This is my first comment, even though I’m a long-time follower of the blog. I agree with Daveyshouse’s comment above, I’m loving these editorials, but this one, (especially the first image), is particularly breathtaking!

  • In The Netherlands we say: ‘Aprilse Grillen’ = Capricious April. Every sort of weather to be expected (even snow!). For now we had 25 degrees Celcius and 10. So a lot of sun and a lot of rain and wind. Makes you wonder what to wear today over and over again. @fabiduister

  • Danielle Korneliussen April, 28 2019, 10:55 / Reply

    Just when you feel that nearly every outfit that we see on social media seems to look like it could have come out of just about any 20’s/30’s girls’ insta-wardrobe, comes this amazing collection of fabulous looks! The model (is that my heart I feel slamming against my rib cage?), the styling, the backdrops… Now, all of THIS gloriousness is why I stick around here!

  • un style garçonne revendiqué

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