Mini Bag, Big Bang

3 years ago by

Stylist Sarah Brody

I think my first purse (circa age five) was about the size of the green Simon Miller bag above. It held some rocks I collected, an old chapstick, and loose jellybeans I stole one by one from the candy bowl. Not exactly the purse of a sophisticated lady, but damn did I think I was someone special carrying around those oddities for no apparent reason.

Fast forward a few decades and that tiny purse has ballooned into a massive work bag. I’m so ready to kick it to the curb. It actually gave me a bruise on my shoulder the other day. A bruise! It hates me. I hate it.

Enter le micro.

I mean, how cute are they? It’s almost like holding a puppy, no? Or at least when I held these purse puppies in the studio I made similar cooing noises that I make when holding puppies.

Then I noticed some co-workers staring at me. So I stopped. Put down the bag. And backed away. (Obvioulsy pretending nothing weird just happened)

But it’s okay if you coo at these. I won’t tell anyone.

This is that elegant little wisp of a purse one carries opera gloves in. But dress this IMAGO-A bag down with some denim and khaki and you've got yourself a match made in heaven.

I love how much of a bang this Yuzeffi bag makes despite its size. It's the centerpiece of this outfit, the hero that pulls everything together.

I think this is the bag I audibly cooed at. It's just so coo worthy. Not to mention it forces you to only carry the absolute essentials, making you the sophisticated lady of your dreams.

This Hunting Season bag has the structure and color dreams are made of. It makes a pop, but said pop is both sophisticated and playful. The juxtaposition I try to maintain daily in my life but typically land somewhere around, "well, at least she's trying."

Look One
Top, No. 21 top; pants, No. 21 pants; bag, Simon Miller.

Look Two
Bag, IMAGO-A; Top, Joseph shirt; pants, Lacoste pants.

Look Three
Jacket, Tibi jacket; top, Nili Lotan; pants, Nili Lotan; bag, Yuzeffi.

Look Four
Top, Miaou; skirt, Miaou; bag, Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Look Five
Jacket, Adam Selman; shirt, Adam Selman; shorts, Adam Selman shorts; bag, Hunting Season.


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