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Erik Melvin

It wouldn’t be Fashion Month without the abundance of crazy $h!& people say. Now that the madness is over (at least for this season), we were recapping with our friends and couldn’t help but share what we saw, felt, and, hum, heard. And we thought it would be fun to recount some of the absurd, hilarious, most fashion things our fashion insider friends overheard throughout the month. Anonymously, of course ;)

Do you remember the talking fashion posts I wrote a few years back? Yep, some things never change.


An editor at a dinner asked to switch seats so she wasn’t sitting next to the designer because she didn’t like the collection and it would be impossible for her to lie.


A friend contemplates, “I feel like I’m more of a Bella than a Gigi, what do you think?”


A blogger notes, “it’s like, every time I wear JW I get photographed.”


A waif looking brunette sits next to a blogger:
Brunette: Oh my god, you are just so cute. Too cute. I’m obsessed with you.
Blogger: Have we met ?


“I have to go change I’ve already been photographed in this.”


overheard at fashion week photo



A true sign of the times, a girl mutters to her seatmate, “all this talk about buy now, wear now. I just want to be able to afford now.”


A backstage interaction:
Assistant: We have to get her into hair and make up!
Manager: No, that’s the look


Solid words of advice from an editor: “When it comes to work you have to take a stand. Are you an Anna [dello Russo] or an Emmanuelle [Alt]? The rest sorts itself out.”


The photographer tells his friend wearing oversized sunglasses, “you look like you’re blind or you’re just really into fashion.”


“How is [insert any celebrity name]…nevermind, I don’t care”


In a question we all wonder, but seldom say out loud, a show-goer asks the person sitting next to them, “Have we met or do I just know you from Instagram??”





A market editor says to a fashion director, “that was like, embarrassing. Literally referenced every single designer under the sun AND it didn’t fit well.”


An intern at a label overhears an awkward encounter:
“Your t-shirt is inside out.”
– “ No it’s Comme Des Garçons”


When asked where the usually-present editor was, her comrade responded, “oh, she had to skip to have her kid.”


“I’m not doing street style this season.”




And oh, by the way, more about that later but the master of the overheard is definitely Loic Prigent, whose book, J’adore la mode mais c’est tout ce que je deteste (or, I Love Fashion But It’s Everything I hate), we will talk to you about very soon.


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  • Zaza von Geneva October, 14 2016, 9:39 / Reply

    Ca me fait penser à ces clips qui sont passés sur Arte lors de la dernière Fashion Week: “Catherine Deneuve lit la mode”…

  • ce sont les extraits du livre de Loic Prigent justement ;-)

  • Don’t know why, but that Comme Des Garçons line made me laugh so hard my cat got scared and ran away lol. Love this post xx

  • Very funny…and true ! claudiag

  • They say “from the mouths of babes….” but they don’t mean these babes.
    Very funny quotes. Like another world.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira October, 14 2016, 12:25 / Reply

    laughing right now !!!

  • ..I laughed too at comme des garçons line. Worse, I thought that’s what I’d say (in all sincerity ????), because 1) I tend to wear t-shirts inside out; 2) comme de garçons & other designers have given a real permission to do so ????????????

  • this article is classic! appreciate you posting this!

  • oh le livre de Loic Prigent est une merveille de drôlerie vacharde et en même temps d’une poésie et d’une créativité étonnante : à déguster comme un macaron ladurée ;-)

  • I love this post.

  • This post resembles the kind of blogging you did 6 years ago. I loved the vintage Garance Dore. And am really enjoying your blog posts lately.

  • “Your life is so Vetements” my sides.

  • Top post! A world so distant from my own… Funny, honest, and sometimes tragic- all rolled into one (Fashion week) ball.

    The one that resonated with me most:”… how about afford now” :-)

  • This is so hilarious! Thanks for sharing this article. Love that you’re cool enough to see the silliness of it all while still being a lady of fashion.x

  • Fun and original post! Reminds me of the Brèves de Comptoir (snippets of overheard café conversations) by Jean-Marie Gourio.

  • aah j’entends justement en parallèle une émission sur le bouquin de Loic Prigent…d’ailleurs, ta dernière phrase sous entend peut être une interview! Tellement hâte de voir ça!

  • I love clothes and I hate fashion.

  • Commentaire qui n’a rien à voir avec l’article mais bravo pour la compagne pour les Galeries Laf!! ça fait bizarre de se balader dans Paname et de tomber sur une Garance Doré géante en photo :D Bravo!

  • Thanks for the laughs!!!

  • corinne maiche October, 16 2016, 11:15 / Reply

    Même là quel en ennui!

  • It feels like some aliens talking, funny how every group or culture makes its own ‘language’ :) Can somebody explain the Vetements quote, please? Until now I haven’t heard of this brand and don’t know what it truly means. (I know, now I look like living in a cave or something. :D )

  • Eléonore October, 17 2016, 6:11 / Reply

    Cet article semble inspiré de Loic Prigent “j’adore la mode mais c’est tout ce que je déteste”…

  • la bloggeuse qui répond “on se connaît?” je ne sais pas quoi en penser…

  • ???? this emoji says it all…thanks for making me laugh!

  • These quotes are just the best.
    Have we met or do I just know you from Instagram? >_<

  • Ahahah merci pour ce partage ! Ils sont fous ces fashion victimes :)

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