Pregnant Pause

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I admire people like Laurel Pantin who aren’t afraid to have fun with their style. Bold floral frocks, quirky socks, and flashy sequin skirts are part of her everyday repertoire (I am diligently working on adding all of the above to my sartorial rotation and Laurel is probably the reason I’m currently sporting a striped track pant and printed sock combo.) Laurel’s also the Editorial & Fashion Director at The Coveteur, which is no small feat. I think we can all learn a thing or two from someone who can style bold items so effortlessly even while pregnant (!!!). I found it refreshing to learn that even a woman this stylish, still found herself surprised by the nuances of dressing a bump. Here is a little insight into how this pro is making it work!



Describe your style in 3 words.
More, More, More!

What is your ideal outfit or uniform to wear every day?
It actually totally changes everyday. I really don’t have a consistent aesthetic or style, I don’t think—generally I love flowy, bright, printed dresses and in the winter I wear those a lot with big cashmere sweaters, but I also love jumpsuits and more menswear/workwear pieces.
If I had my dream way though, I’d wear head to toe Dries van Noten every day.

Who are your style icons?
Lauren Hutton, Maria Felix, and Dolly Parton

How have you tackled the limitations (if any) of dressing over the course of you pregnancy?
I’ve really resisted buying any true maternity clothes, which is starting to be a bit of a problem. Honestly, it’s a little sad to look at my giant closet full of beautiful things I’ve carefully collected, and only be able to consider about 1% of them. I think some women find that kind of limitation liberating, but it’s making me nuts! I did invest in some non-maternity stretchy trousers (The Row, and Vince make great ones) and those, along with cozy sweaters have made up the bulk of my wardrobe. When I first had a bump, I was really excited and loved showing it off. Now that it’s (way) bigger, it’s more of a challenge.

Are there certain brands or styles you are gravitating towards that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself in before?
I don’t think I would have wanted to wear elastic waist trousers before pregnancy, now they’re all I want! Beyond that, I’ve always loved wearing flowy, shapeless dresses—especially with long sleeves—and expected to spend my entire pregnancy in those, but in practice, I don’t love them with a bump. I’m drawn to things that are a little clingier through the hips, and flowy around my legs—before getting pregnant I never wanted anything clingy!

Pregnant Pause

Jumpsuit, Vintage ; Jacket, JW Anderson for Uniqlo ; Shoes, vintage; Bag, LL Bean ; Crystal Pendant on Necklace, Temple St Clair.


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