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Even though it feels like an eternity ago (thanks to a busy work schedule and a shooting trip out to LA), New York Fashion Week really just ended. It’s a weird time for fashion, especially in New York, and even though there were plenty of things that I liked, and even a few that I loved, this season of shows wasn’t exactly a standout.

accessorizing outerwear atelier dore coats and jewels

What I tend to like most about fashion week is getting out into the world and seeing things, meeting people and designers, making new friends and bumping into old ones, it’s the social aspect that tends to inspire me the most. It’s also the social aspect that stresses me out the most. What the heck should I wear to see all of these people!? I’m certainly not a street style girl or a flashy dresser at all, but still, sometimes I want to look a little bit special.

My solution to looking good in the dead of winter is… coats! I already told you guys about that. My solution to looking a little extra special in the dead of winter? It’s a coat, plus some cool jewelry. Even if you’re bundled up from head to toe, I love that you can still show a little hint of style with a good pair of earrings. So below, I decided to play around with a few of my favorite coat/ earring pairings that’ll keep you warm, while still showing a bit of personality.

accessorizing outerwear atelier dore coats and jewels
accessorizing outerwear atelier dore coats and jewels
accessorizing outerwear atelier dore coats and jewels

Coat, Stand; Earrings, Annie Costello Brown

Jacket, Raey; Shirt, Raey; Earrings and Necklace, Tohum

Blazer, Sea; Coat, The North Face; Earring, Mounser

Coat, Sea; Earrings, Lizzie Fortunato



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