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“This is my favorite coat that I own! I had been coveting this style Acne coat forever and then found this version with shearling on the outside (which I had never seen). I immediately fell in love and haven’t taken it off since. Just kidding! (Kind of) Underneath – just a cozy turtleneck, a personal wardrobe staple, my favorite Converse that have seen me through pretty much everything and these great vintage trousers I found at a thrift store in LA . To be honest it was less of a thrift store and more just this woman selling things out of her house in Silver Lake that I happened to walk by, but they were $7 dollars and I adore them!

The most important quality of any outfit I put on is that it makes me feel good. Honestly that is the only thing that matters to me walking out the door. For me, my outfit depends upon my mood that day so it varies tremendously. It also makes it REALLY difficult to pack for any extended period of time. How do I know what I’m going to feel like wearing 4 days from now at dinner? Personally, I think anyone who can do that is extremely impressive.” 

-Rachel Pincus as told to Atelier Doré

Rachel has become a new staple around Atelier Doré. She’s a stylist and was behind a few of our latest fashion stories— like this one, and this one, and this one. She lives in Harlem but you can usually find her running around the city, and every so often, jetting off to LA. Keep an eye out for her upcoming Fashion Week coverage we will be featuring on our Instagram and Facebook.


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