Something Old, Something New

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Naura is a New York based lawyer with an affinity for vintage – an unexpected combination of characteristics I am more than happy to embrace. Curious to know more, we asked Naura about her approach to style and how her profession influences or is influenced by her personal style. All this and brains too! Meet Naura.

fashion 3 looks aura keiser atelier dore photo

fashion 3 looks aura keiser atelier dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Alive, colorful, moody.

What is your ideal outfit to wear everyday, your uniform?
I have long admired any person who is able to cultivate an easy and reliable formula for style. For better or for worse, I have not been able to get to “uniform status,” which I attribute to my seemingly carnal need for constant personal style evolution.

All that being said, if I were to conjure a uniform that could feasibly work for me on a daily basis, it would consist of pleats please pants, a sharp-shouldered blazer, too many rings, vintage glasses and a white sneaker or black brogue. Actually, that sounds rather do-able….

Something Old, Something New

Can you describe your relationship to vintage? What role does it play in your style?
Vintage has been for many years my ticket to creating a highly personal, unique look. I grew up in rural Indiana in (to put it euphemistically) a family lacking in financial means, but thankfully not in creativity. My mother and I would scour the ONE thrift store in the town over and occasionally find a vintage gem. Thrifting generally, and vintage in particular, was for many years the only way to imitate the high-fashion I obsessed over in magazines. At present, I am lucky to be able to afford and incorporate special designer pieces (hello Jacquemus! hello Peet Dullaert!) into my wardrobe, but my first love will always be vintage.

How, if at all, is your style impacted as a lawyer?
This child has finally learned to tone it down a bit and ratchet up the sophistication level. I would say my interest in unusual shoes is the most significant product of wearing a more subdued Monday-Friday wardrobe; a special shoe is a surefire way to transform a fairly neutral, fairly formal look into something that is catastrophically fashionable.

Something Old, Something New

Thank you Naura! Look 1: 3 piece ensemble, Vintage ; Earrings and Handbag, Vintage ; Shoes, Marni / Look 2: White t-shirt, Reformation ; Black jeans, Vintage Levi’s ; Dress, Peet Dullaert ; Shoes, Rochas ; Black Handbag, Vintage ; Jewelry, Thrifted


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  • DaveysHouse August, 14 2017, 10:58 / Reply

    Oh, thank you! This is lovely, and “catastrophically fashionable” is brilliant. Thank you for posting such an inspiring story :-).

  • So chic! Love the first ensemble, the round earrings, her hair, dress and shoes! So fresh feeling, daring and original!

  • Mercedes August, 14 2017, 1:01 / Reply

    I see freedom and courage and a huge sense of self and playfulness. An example of how your profession doesn’t have to dictate the way you look. and that haircut? is brilliant. She is form and substance.
    X, Mercedes

  • Merci beaucoup pour cet article! J’adore le style de Nora que je trouve spectaculaire, généreux et inventif. Je suis admirative des personnes qui portent ce style, qui prennent un risque. Pour moi aussi, le vintage est une passion. Mais j’ai une autre approche: j’aime bien des pieces ultra féminines, des détails raffinés, le côté intemporel. Cela montre que le vintage est si inépuisable source d’inspiration que tout le monde trouve son compte.

  • Darlings the quest to develope a personal style will evade most for life . I do find those who embrace vintage are more style oriented, rather than chasing every trend. “Fashion fades only style remains the same ” -Coco Chanel.
    Dress The Part

  • J’aime son style mais la deuxieme tenue, de la coupe de cheveux aux mules noires, j’adore !

  • Great to see a fashion story on someone who does not work in fashion. Great style!

  • Perfect Outfit..

  • Great story, I would like to see more of thrifted and vintage fashion on your site! Perhaps a post for ebay shopping :)

  • Mamavalveeta03 August, 19 2017, 7:01 / Reply

    What an interesting woman! She’s one of those women I’d stare at on the street, just trying to figure out her formula: “How does she look so show-stoppingly chic?”

    *Never be ashamed of your past. Embrace it and teach others in similar circumstances how to move forward!

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