Style Story / Ada Kokosar

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The first time I met Ada I was seated next to her at my first PFW dinner. I was nervous, she was Italian, and we were in equal dismay over our vegetarian meal option. It isn’t easy being vegetarian at a fashion dinner in Paris! Like all good fledgling newcomers, I tried to blend in. But Ada, well, doesn’t blend in that easily! Her piercing blue eyes and long free flowing blonde hair are second only to her indescribable personal style.

Maybe her romantic name, upbringing in Brianza, or studies in Milan influenced how she puts together clothes. Whatever it is, I’m perpetually inspired by her choices and always look forward to seeing her combinations during fashion weeks. She’s called New York home for several years now, so I thought we’d catch up with her in her Tribeca loft to get a sneak peek into the musings of the queen of layering…

fashion style story ada kokosar atelier dore

Opening image: Zig zag pants, Missoni ; Bustier, Public School ; White top, Hand made by Ada / Beige coat, The Row ; Platforms, Miu Miu ; White dress, Vintage ; Earrings, Frankie Shop

Describe your style in three words.
Layered, shapely, harmonious.

Did moving to New York from Italy affect your approach to fashion? Has the time you’ve spent working in the fashion industry?
Definitely, it’s constantly in motion and evolving.

When it comes to style, what’s most important: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Beauty is the bond. For me, beauty means harmony, finding an organic correspondence to proportions, textures, and colors.

fashion style story ada kokosar atelier dore

fashion style story ada kokosar atelier dore

Style Story / Ada Kokosar

Does your interior decorating extend to your wardrobe?
There is definitely a sense of sharing the same aesthetic, yes.

When you travel for work, what are the three things you always pack in your suitcase?
A cashmere chunky pull over, a long silk slip dress and a stretch corset. Together they create an interesting look, and are always easy to layer, which I love.

fashion style story ada kokosar atelier dore

fashion style story ada kokosar atelier dore

fashion style story ada kokosar atelier dore



Black skirt, Armani ; Black top, Rodebjer ; Bustier, Public School ; Red pumps, Attico ; Red bag, The Row ; Graphic bag, Fendi

You’ve consulted for many brands and most recently created a capsule collection with & Other Stories. How do you come up with ideas that will resonate with consumers while also staying true to your personal aesthetics?
I’m always trying to sharpen and improve my intuition, especially through meditation. I listen first to my intuition, which usually leads me to an idea. If a story evolves around the idea, I know it was a good one. It’s all about creating a story, a narrative.

What projects are you most excited to be working on in 2017?
I’m working with an Italian shoe brand creating a capsule collection of 5 shoes in the next few months. I’m very proud of this, because the shoe is going to be very original…stay tuned!

Style Story / Ada Kokosar

Sequin jacket, Attico ; Patent belt, Sport Max ; Turtleneck, & Other Stores ; Pink skirt, Hand made by Ada


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  • On a eu l’occasion de voir Ada plusieurs fois sur ce site. Le deuxieme look est superbe.

  • Les chaussures sont superbes !
    Quel sens du style !

    Amélie – Charles Ray and Coco

  • I love reading the style stories but it seems like all the women featured have a lot of money – their beautiful apartments/lofts and high-end brands. How about a budget style story?

  • Leslie May, 11 2017, 12:22

    Right on, Peach. Would love to see melanated stylish people as well.

  • i have to agree… the fact is, it takes more ingenuity and creativity to be “stylish” when one doesn’t have a large bank account.

  • Hi Dina! Hi Peach!
    I think “style” is inherit, and we do our best to feature a wide variety of women with all kinds of careers who have it. Most mix high & low, as well as vintage – which is exactly why we introduced them to you, our wonderful readers. Hope you’ll keep checking back for more updates! Brie x

  • Mais quel style, j’adore!

  • J’adore la veste à paillettes !

    Annabelle de The Vintage French Book – Livres vintage à offrir ou à collectionner

  • That elusive quality style , Ada has that simple elegance and style that I find so many Italian women have perfected .
    Thanks Jandrew
    Dress The Part

  • Kai To May, 12 2017, 5:59 / Reply

    Wow, am pretty inspired!

  • Kai To May, 12 2017, 6:40 / Reply

    Just came back from reading all the backlogged ‘Style’ articles – and @Brie, I just want to congratulate you and your team for doing a wonderful job!
    I haven’t realised how much I’ve been missing the style section of Garance Dore’s blog, or maybe the recent articles just feel really fresh and inspired.
    Good job!!

  • Thank you Kai! That is always so great to hear, truly. :) xx Brie

  • She’s half Italian and half Slovene (e. g. Lara Bohinc – the jewellery designer is Slovene), so i think it’s important to also mention her heritage :)

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