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I am partial towards poised, sophisticated women – ones who possess a kind of cosmopolitan sensibility. When I saw Brooke in Dries leopard trousers, draped in pearls, at what I would soon discover to be our mutual favorite brand’s showroom (The Row – literally couldn’t be more chic), I knew we had to feature her. There were reasons beyond her style, too.

Her philanthropic work is immense – she co-founded the Child Mind Institute, the only non-profit dedicated to transforming the lives of children with mental health & learning disorders, and took over her father’s jewelry brand, Sidney Garber, where Brooke no longer takes a profit from the sales, but instead she supports over 50 causes.

I can’t think of too many women who dress as impeccably as Brooke does, while still maintaining a fearless extravagance. She works and dresses with conviction to be empowered, inspired, and most importantly, at ease.

fashion style story brooke neidich atelier dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Tailored, soft, and easy…My clothes are the backdrop for my jewelry.

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe right now?
A 1990s black Chanel bouclé short jacket from my favorite vintage dealer – it is perfect, the sleeves unbutton so it’s easy off and on over my bracelets it is the ideal weight and softness.

And the one with the best story?
My pearls, my father gave me a 32″ long strand of 9mm pearls when I was 20. You rarely saw a strand that long then and certainly not on a young woman usually found in faded jeans, but he knew I would grow into them. I have added to them and, with my stack of Tubogas bracelets, they have become my signature .

How does working within the art world influence your approach to fashion?
I was just speaking with David Breslin, the curator of the collection at the Whitney, and I couldn’t get over his new show, “Where We Are.” The works are from 1900-1960 and the themes are exactly those we are dealing with in the current Biennial. His words were, “Art instigates, but it also brings solace…” A perfect quote for these difficult times. I find tremendous solace in looking at art. That solace renews me and that renewal allows my ideas to flow. I want my jewelry to lift your spirits but also to be a talisman to bring a bit of solace.

What jewelry brands do you admire that perhaps inspired you to create your own?
My father opened his eponymous store in 1946, his taste, style, his love of quality and design, and his eye for detail are my inspiration… I am only following in his footsteps. And there is a mad genius named Edmund Chin…if he didn’t live in Hong Kong we would work much more together!

fashion style story brooke neidich atelier dore photo

fashion style story brooke neidich atelier dore photo


How does your lifestyle influence your personal style?
My days are active and often long – I have to dress in a way that goes easily from morning to night.

Do you have a fashion muse?
Gloria Steinem – brains, relentless commitment AND I have always loved her style.

Does your interior decorating taste extend to your wardrobe?
Not really…I use color and print at home and, with a few exceptions, I never wear color!

Where do you find inspiration? Is there ever a shortage?
Never ever a shortage! My eye goes everywhere. The great thing about having a terrific President of Sidney Garber and the team she has built is that I don’t go off on a tangent and make everything I dream of!

fashion style story brooke neidich atelier dore photo

Do you have a go-to uniform for your daily life? What about for events?
In daily life, yes. In the winter it’s black leather pants and a shirt from The Row (right now I am wearing their men’s shirts ), a jacket and my pearls and bracelets. In the summer I wear cotton Alaïa dresses and a wide belt. For the evening I try to be comfortable with soft tailored shapes and always jewelry!

What are the three things you’d save in a fire?
If my family is safe? I used to say photographs but now we have so much on our phones… The rest are just things. Though the David Wojnarowicz Burning Man…

Musical preferences while we shot: James Taylor, Neil Young, and “too much Leonard Cohen.”

fashion style story brooke neidich atelier dore photo

Blue knit dress and belt , Alaia; Shoes, Manolo Blahnik ; Jewelry throughout, Sidney Garber / Tan pants , The Row ; White shirt, The Row ; Pumps, Manolo Blahnik / Red dress, RVDK ; Silver shoes, Alaia 


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