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You might have seen the news in Business of Fashion yesterday, but the sublime Carly Cushnie is striking out on her own and re-branding as Cushnie. We were lucky enough to catch Carly for a few moments before the blitz of fashion week in her Brooklyn home where we got a bit more insight on her inspiration and her brand…



How would you describe your style in three words?

Sleek, feminine, modern.

What did your mother teach you about style and fashion?

She always taught me that it was better to be overdressed than underdressed. That it’s important to always make an effort and look your best- regardless of the occasion.

What is something you would never wear?

I think it’s hard to say never… Things come back around and reinvent themselves in the most surprising and chicest of ways sometimes. That something you thought you would never wear suddenly feels updated and cool and you figure out how to wear it in a way that suits you. That being said, I’m not sure you’ll ever find me wearing crocs ;)

Style Story / Carly Cushnie

Your clothing line, Cushnie, is full of bold colors, strong lines and flattering cuts. What inspired you to start the line?

The collection was founded on what seemed to be a void in the market – clothing that was sleek and minimal, but also sexy and feminine. Brands that were minimal were often very somber or androgynous and brands that were sexy tended to be overtly body-conscious. I wanted to strike a balance – to design a collection that was timeless and elegant, while also being very modern and feminine. Crafted with clean, sculptural lines- each piece of the collection is precisely tailored to really highlight the female form.



Style Story / Carly Cushnie

Do you have a specific type of woman in mind when you’re dreaming up designs for Cushnie?

The woman I design for is inherently confident. She’s multifaceted, she’s sophisticated, and she looks for a certain level of craftsmanship and versatility in her clothing. As I design, I think not only about how a woman is going to look in a garment, but how she’s going to feel in that particular fabric, color or silhouette. My customer’s needs are paramount in every single piece I make, I want her to feel both empowered and at ease in her clothing – to really let her personality shine through.

Do you approach interior design differently than designing a piece of clothing? Or are there elements that overlap?

There are definitely elements that overlap in the way that I design my home and the way that I think about my clothing. My home is sleek and modern, featuring pops of color with bright accent walls and unique finds from various travels with my husband. My home is a product of mixing many different elements and inspirations, which is also true of my collections. However, a home is not a cocktail dress in that it has to be fitting for every day and every occasion. I really took my time with decorating the space, allowing each piece to build on another – the result feels modern but eclectic, and refined yet romantic.



Style Story / Carly Cushnie

Top, Cushnie; bottoms, Cushnie.

Magenta dress, Cushnie.

Yellow top, Cushnie; denim, Lee Body Optix x Cushnie..

All hoops, Jennifer Fisher; disc earrings, Monica Sordo x Cushnie FW18 collection.


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