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Erik Melvin

On our last day in Stockholm, we met Columbine – whose charming disposition and sun-drenched flat was welcomed after days of grey rain. A girl after my own heart, Columbine’s love for a good button, and the charm bracelet from her grandmother she never takes off, makes her uncomplicated style even more approachable – whilst simultaneously sophisticated. It’s the details in her wardrobe that really stand out – her fondness for pleats and shoes that don a bit of funky-ness otherwise unnoticed in her crisp style.

She’s one of the coolest girls in Stockholm ! Co-creator of Space Matters with likeminded Nike, and Fashion Director at StyleBy magazine – her taste is consistent, strong and while all that might seem quite possibly, most definitely intimidating – ultimately, Columbine’s classic pieces with a twist are just right in comparison to her bright-eyed and amiable demeanor.

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Playful, easy and comfortable.

Where do you like to shop in Stockholm? Any favorite online destinations?
I love the vintage interior store Dusty Deco. Also the newly opened Rodebjer store is beautiful, just the fact that they have a room called the Vagina, I mean, who can’t possibly like that!? I shop a lot of vintage online, Vestiare Collective is like a drug to me, haha! You always find great pieces from past collections there. Also, RESEE is great.

Do you think your wardrobe is influenced from the time you’ve spent working in the fashion industry?
Yes, of course. I think it’s hard for it not to be. But I wouldn’t say it is in a sense that I go for trends of the season, I think I’m very aware of what I like and it’s never about trends for me.

When it comes to style, whats most important : comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Beauty is not that interesting for me. If it’s too perfect I get bored. I think it’s a difference between personal style and what you are creating for a shoot beacuse that’s a fantasy, something you want to be rather then what you are maybe, in a sense. So work wise I’d say innovation but when it comes to personal style I’d go for comfort. I think there’s so much you can wear in a comfortable way and still have great style.

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

Style Story / Columbine

As a stylist and Fashion Director at StyleBy, you are constantly surrounded by clothes and whats new in the industry. In what ways does your role carry through to your personal style preferences?
I think as I mentioned before, I’m not really focusing on trends. Maybe shouldn’t say that but it’s true. I mean, of course you always work with ideas that incorporate the new seasons ahead, so you actually do work with trends but it’s never the starting point for me. The starting point is to feel..something. To be able to communicate through pictures the same way music or art does. So, my personal style preferences is of course reflected in my preferences for the fashion I work with but I’m not the kind of stylist that wants to create fashion for stories with people dressed as myself. I want it either to be more of a fantasy or making the person we are portraying even more herself, not replicating myself.

Would you say you have a go-to look or uniform for getting dressed everyday?
I wish! Haha. No not a uniform but I do have some pieces I always tend to go back to. A pair of black pants from Giorgi Rostiashvili, a navy blue boxy peacoat from Nicolas Ghesquière’s time at Balenciaga, a pair of Céline mules or embellished ballerina flats also from Céline. Then I probably wear silk camisoles and oversized knits or shirts from Totême. I don’t like to think too much about what I am wearing myself, I want it to feel effortless. I spend so much time on fashion for stories, projects, other people and that’s more important than my own style.

Do you have a fashion muse?
My grandmother is my eternal fashion muse.

Most impractical fashion item you own?
I’ve actually gotten rid of most of stuff I’ve felt is not practical or uncomfortable. But I have a beautiful pair of Alaïa heels I will keep forever. They actually aren’t too bad but maybe not the most practical pair of shoes..

Style Story / Columbine

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

Tell us about your favorite brand of 2016.
Ah, so hard to choose only one! I love JW Anderson and Céline. But recently I’ve been seeing these great oversized knits from Studio Nicholson that I love. Also, shoes from Martiniano. I love both the flats and the heels. And, I just got a pair of earrings from Faris that are beautiful. And I love the jewelry from Ana Khouri.

You co-created Space Matters, a brilliantly beautiful website to inspire. How did you come with the idea and what do you hope people take away from it?
I think me, Lisa and Nike, who are my co founders, were a bit tired of blogs. Not bloggers but blogs and the way everything started looking the same. We wanted to create something else where people we like and admire could contribute with their world, their process. A sort of peephole into the minds of these great women. As we started working with it, it organically grew in to this kind of sisterhood, supporting and inspiring one another. It’s beautiful really. I hope that Space Matters keeps bringing people and ideas together and inspires your own creative process.

OK. Rapid Fire !

Heels or flats? Flats.

Skirt or dress? Dress.

Lake or ocean?Ocean!

Blow dry or air dry? Air dry.

Minimalist or maximalist? Both!

Skinny-dip or skinny jeans? Skinny-dip.

Licorice or fika? Fika!

fashion columbine style story garance dore photo

Blue Sweater, Toteme ; Black Pleated Pants, Stella McCartney / Blue Jacket, Ganni ; Black Pant, Giorgi Rotiashvili ; Black Sweater, Filippa K ; Black Heels, Céline ; Black Bag, Marimeko / White Shirt, Balenciaga ; Piped Jeans, Giorgi Rostiashvili ; Flats, Céline / Accessories: Necklace, Tuza ; Black Mini Bag, Stella McCartney ; Brown Tote, Mulberry ; Black Drawstring Bag, Marimekko ; Black peep toe heels, Balenciaga ; Sunglasses, Prada


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