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With a name like Grace, it’s as though you are destined to be elegant, which, of course she is. A jewelry editor with seriously refined taste – it might come as a surprise then, that she is not bound to strict conformities of color or way of dress. Instead she makes the subtle yet vibrant embroideries rampant in her wardrobe seem as easy to wear as a pair of jeans. At heart, she’s an adventurer – scaling mountains and zip-lining over dizzying heights all while somehow, almost impossibly, looking as stunning as the pieces of jewelry she writes about.

grace fuller garance dore photo

grace fuller garance dore photo

grace fuller garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Eclectic, colorful, bohemian.

Where do you like to shop in New York? Any secret spots for jewelry?
I love old jewelry. Some of my favorite NYC jewelry shops for treasure hunting are Doyle and Doyle, Broken English, Eleuteri and Melody Rodgers. For gifts of all kind I go to Love Adorned, The Line and Dover Street Market. If I can’t make it to union square for the Farmers market, all of my food shopping is done at Eataly–they have the best produce, hands down.

Do you think your wardrobe is influenced from the years you’ve spent working in the fashion industry?
Certainly. I think my wardrobe includes elements of not only working in the fashion industry but also from the cities I’ve lived in as well as my travels which I hope to continue.

When it comes to style, whats most important : comfort, beauty, or innovation?
I think innovation is the beauty in itself. Alternatively we just get bored looking at the same things over and over.

As a jewelry editor, you are constantly surrounded and introduced to new jewelry brands. In what ways does your role carry through to your personal jewelry preferences?
I like what I like and I’m a bit stubborn about it. That said, I really only wear the things that I think suit me–I never wear things I don’t like. In any case, a good editor can and should appreciate many things besides personal preference. I value craftsmanship, quality, and skill alongside beauty.

grace fuller garance dore photo

grace fuller garance dore photo

grace fuller garance dore photo

grace fuller garance dore photo

Would you say your have a go-to look or uniform for getting dressed everyday?
No, I went to school with uniforms for far too long. I prefer a variety.

Do you have a fashion muse?
Too many to count. I love women too much and the thing that most of us forget is that style isn’t the clothing you wear but how you carry yourself in them–Patti Hansen, Michaela Bercu, Marisa Berenson, Lee Radziwill, Grace Kelly, Caroline Kennedy, the list goes on…

Tell us about your favorite piece of jewelry. Do you remember where and when you got it?
My mother gave me a gold pendant one year for my high school graduation. She had it engraved underneath a prior engraving exactly 40 years prior when my grandfather had initially engraved it for my grandmother.

You have a bit of an explorative side – not afraid to wear hiking boots and constantly on a new adventure. Any advice for looking so chic?
I love trying on new looks and wearing new things. It’s reminiscent of dress up that we all played as children. Exploration and adventure keep me alive and excited. When packing for a trip, I advise to pack by outfits including loungewear and pajamas–this also helps avoid overpacking. That allows you to mix and match once you’ve already worn your predetermined outfits. Do not forget that accessories are also important, if not the most. Even if you decide on the Andes, you may have a moment that requires some fashionable indulgence along your hike.

Rapid Fire!

Heels or flats? Comfortable heels.
Skirt or dress? Dress.
Lake or ocean? Ocean.
Blow dry or air dry? Air dry.
Minimalist or maximalist? Maximalist.
Skinny-dip or skinny jeans? Skinny dip.
Fine or costume jewelry? Fine.

grace fuller garance dore photo

Style Story / Grace Fuller

Jeans, Saint Laurent ; Black mules, Chanel ; Striped robe, Cinque ; Bracelets, Jennifer Creel, IAM by Ileana Makri & vintage // Earrings, Sonia Boyajian // White blouse, Equipment ; Blue embroidered skirt, vintage ; Shoes, Manolo Blahnik // Jean Jacket, Levi’s ; Embroidered pants, Etro // Rings, SheBee, Carolina Bucci, and Monique Pean // Black T-shirt, Proenza Schouler ; Earrings, vintage from A. Brandt and Son // Gold earrings, Aurelie Bidderman ; Blue earrings, Of Rare Origins ; Stone necklace, CVC


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  • Magnifique!!!
    J’adore tellement la tenue en jupe longue bleue et fushia! Quelle merveille! <3
    Bises, belle semaine

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • mademoiselle mauve October, 24 2016, 1:16 / Reply

    elle est sublime !

  • Loved this! It’s great to see someone sporting a vibrant style. I loved her comment on finding the childlike joy in dressing up. Sometimes I become afraid to wear color/go maximalist even though I naturally gravitate towards pieces that some might consider “costumey” Social media, I think, with the constant barrage of minimalist, neutrals has the effect of making me shy away from color. And don’t get me wrong I also love the minimalist looks and find them quite beautiful. I guess it’s that the neutral look is perceived as being more sophisticated these days. But I don’t always want to look like I’m an apple product!

  • J’aime beaucoup le style de la premiere photo et les boucles d’oreilles de la troisieme.
    “Explorer, partir a l’aventure, c’est ce qui me fait me sentir vivante.” Tout a fait d’accord !

  • Gorgeous! Love the Chanel slings and the black shirt with white squiggles.

  • I would have loved to see some of the new designer in jewelry …love the claque style with a zest of originality…
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta

  • From the depths of my heart, please please PLEASE do a beauty minute and find out how she styles her hair. She is gorgeous!

  • Wow she really does have impeccable style and being a New Yorker I love the tips on where to shop for jewelry and the fact that she recalls one of the first pieces of jewelry she had in life it is no surprise she went on to become a jewelry editor.

    Allie of

  • I love those navy embroidered pants.

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