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We are so excited to introduce you to the lovely Inii King! She is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of King & Partners and lives with her husband, Tony, his daughter Olivia, and two adorable dogs (Fozzie and Peggy) in Bedford, NY. She gave us a tour of her digs and let us in our her latest fashion and interior design musts. Meet Inii!

Style Story / Inii King

How would you describe your fashion style and interior style in three words?

Fashion style: “Nun goes wild!”

Interior style: Austere, earthy and comfortable

When you’re struggling to get dressed — what is one trick you use?

I rarely struggle to get dressed, but I am extra fussy about what gets added to my closet. There are specific things I look for in clothes – I love crewnecks with perfectly tight-cuts or collars, I need nice sleeves with shoulder lines at the right place, there is a certain thickness or texture in materials I look for… etc. All the things that make me feel comfortable and confident.

Once they are in my closet, I find it really easy to put them all together.

Style Story / Inii King

What are you most looking forward to wearing for your “post covid” uniform?

I’m so excited to wear heels again! Not wearing heels for so long has been boring and physically hurting (because I have high arched feet). Light washed loose jeans, heels and a nice blazer is my all time favorite and I can’t wait to dress sharp more often.

What is the most treasured item of clothing in your closet?

All the pieces that I had a specific image of in my head – then took many years to find – are the most special ones. A navy vintage Chanel blazer, which has red silk lining inside and it can be seen ever so subtly from inside the sleeves, a Tyrol jacket from Bergfabel, a knee-length army jacket. I know I won’t be able to find similar things easily and I always take great care of them.

Who are some of your favorite designers — for both interiors and fashion?

I love Simone Rocha – her vision is so original and wearing her dresses makes me feel like a queen.

I admire Axel Vervoodt and Joseph Dirand for interiors.

Style Story / Inii King

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  • Jorge AlexandreTeixeira April, 29 2021, 4:20 / Reply

    L-o-v-e her Style !!!
    Love the retro eclectic interior in the first pictures !!!

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