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Jamie Pelayo has long been an inspiration to us at Atelier Doré, even before Garance met her in Los Angeles. Her beautiful project, Stories + Objects, celebrates storytelling and craftsmanship, paired with product, to bring an entirely new appreciation to how things are made all over the world. Jamie has had a long career in fashion—both in New York and Los Angeles—where she’s worked at Vogue and with brands like Sephora, but she’s the epitome of chic LA style.

We first met at Little Malibu House, where she brought the newest member of her animal family (Jamie volunteers with an animal rescue in Malibu), a baby goose at the time named Goosetave Flaubert, and she was incredibly chic in her black t-shirt, cropped jeans and Swedish Hasbeen clogs. I was personally so inspired by her laid-back elegance that I myself ordered a pair of those clogs and sported them around New York City this summer and fall. When we invited her to come along to Morocco, as an Atelier Doré brand ambassador, we were so thrilled she could join us, and even more thrilled when we were able to collaborate on a few very special items for our Marrakech Shop. Meet Jamie!

fashion style story jamie palayo


Jeans, Re/Done ; Blouse, Gucci ; Jacket, Chanel ; Babouches, Zyne ; Flat Travel Wallet, The Daily Edited

Describe your style in 3 words.
New York meets California, or Refined, yet relaxed.

What’s most important when it comes to style: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Comfort and beauty. Comfort alone can be a bit dowdy, so I think it is important to be comfortable, but in well chosen designs in beautifully crafted materials.

Do you have a fashion muse?
My fashion muses are my friends, Laurence, Roxanne and Sofia. Interestingly all three of them lived in and have familiar connections to both New York and Paris, which may have given them their enviable je ne sais quoi qualities.

Style Story / Jamie Pelayo

How does travel influence your style?
Travel has made me find ways to minimize what I pack while maximizing my outfit potential. I try not to check a bag, so I travel with tried and true pieces I can mix and match each day to create a new look.

What is one of the most invaluable things/lessons you’ve gained from traveling around the world?
That most places and people are nothing like what we perceive them to be. I’ve learned that there is limitless beauty and inspiration to be discovered in the world if we open ourselves to the possibility.

You are obviously an appreciator of an interesting, well made, useful object – do you approach choosing objects and clothing in the same way?
Absolutely. I’ve learned over the years that it is better to have fewer, but better constructed items or statement pieces that can spark an engaging conversation.

fashion style story jamie pelayo


Large Cosmetic Case, The Daily Edited ; Black Jumpsuit, Whistles ; Babouches, Zyne ; Sunglasses, Bvlgari

Can you share a few words about style as a whole you’ve seen around the world?
Recently I have been around so many vibrant colors and patterns, from the Wayuu women of Colombia to the Argan harvesters in Morocco. It’s amazing how many cultures make use of vibrant colors and eclectic patterning.

Are there things you don’t wear?
Actually, it would be patterns and bold colors, with the exception of shoes. I prefer solid neutral colors (and a lot of black), unless I am wearing the pattern or bold color as a statement piece. In truth, the only patterns I own are a vintage Turkish kaftan and a hand-painted Japanese Maiwai jacket which are both true conversation starters.

fashion style story jamie pelayo

fashion style story jamie pelayo

Luggage tag, The Daily Edited ; Pumps, Christian Dior

Most coveted item you own, and one things you’re really coveting?
My most coveted item is my vintage creme bouclé Chanel jacket. I purchased it from my aforementioned friend Sofia’s site RESEE.COM which curates the most exquisite collection of modern designer vintage and runway classics from the eighties, nineties and now.

Currently coveting, pretty much anything on RESEE but if I had to pick, it might be the Chanel travel cashmere set for my upcoming long haul to shoot a story at Nihi on the Indonesia island of Sumba.



Style Story / Jamie Pelayo

Sweater, Beryll ; Pants, Chloe ; Pumps, Christian Dior

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