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Linda Hay is one of those women who has impeccable editing skills. You’ll see in the below images that her style and her home in the Hamptons blend together to create a serene space that she uses when she needs to take a breather from her jet-set lifestyle of being a make-up artist to a stellar roster of clients including Heidi Klum.

She also happens to be a gem of a human who opened up our her house with the biggest of smiles and hugs despite having just stepped off a red-eye the night prior. Hanging out with Joey, her fur-baby, was just the cherry on top!

Linda Hay Atelier Dore

Linda Hay Atelier Dore

Describe your style in 3 words.
Minimal, Effortless, Eclectic

What’s most important when it comes to style: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Mostly comfort — with an eye on innovation and beauty. I work long hours and need to be prepared for anything and everything! (Studios, trains, planes and automobiles.) By “comfort,” I don’t mean dressing down, I just like to keep it chic and easy.

Most valued thing in your closet?
I don’t have a lot and I’m not really attached to any of it. However, a small gold-ish bangle, given to me by my children and a string of black Rudraksha Mala, I bought in Varanasi, India go with me everywhere. And I guess there’s that Greenpeace T-shirt I’ve had since 1985 (33yrs!). I can’t let it go…

Do you have a fashion muse?
Tough to pin it down to one… perhaps Jane Birkin, eternally chic.

Style Story / Linda Hay

Linda Hay Atelier Dore


Are there things you don’t wear?
Ruffles and white fringed boots…yikes!

You’ve been in the beauty industry for quite some time now, what is the best advice you could give in regards to pairing make-up with an outfit.
Place and time, is usually something I factor in pairing makeup to the outfit. Where are you going? Who do you want to be? What is the lighting? Will it be boiling hot or air conditioned? Personally, I prefer to choose one feature to accentuate, either eyes or lips. The skin should always be freshly polished. If you know the light will be reliable, your silhouette is simple, why not commit to a strong eye and lips if you’re in the mood?

Style Story / Linda Hay

I adore how refined your style is. Was this always the case or have you simplified and edited your wardrobe over the years?
I’ve always been drawn to minimalism and simplicity. And I’ve been traveling my entire life, so perhaps that’s plays a factor in the way I choose to dress. I like to travel light and my clothes need to multitask. One outfit may need to go from the studio, to the airport, to another city, or country and perhaps another studio, all in one day. So a simple silhouette usually translates and remains comfortable in most situations. It gives me the freedom to go anywhere, anytime.

Are there differences in your personal style when compared to what you do for work and the make-up looks you create? If so, what are they and why do you separate the two?
Unlike the makeup looks I create for my clients, I prefer to keep things super easy for myself. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup, a touch of concealer, groomed brows, maybe a highlighter, a little blush and always, ALWAYS, Mascara. I prefer to remain fresh, it’s easier and a fresh polished face looks good with everything. It’s timeless and can go anywhere, anytime. Occasionally I’ll throw on a red lip but I have to be in the mood and know I have the time and freedom to maintain it.



Style Story / Linda Hay

Cashmere Sweater, The Elder Statesmen; Leather Jeans, J Brand ; Mules, Newbark.

T-shirt, Maurie and Eve; Jeans, Rag & Bone; Cardigan, Thomas Wylde.

Sweater & Jeans, Nili Lotan


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  • Orangeufunny May, 14 2018, 10:15 / Reply

    That is one adorable little scruffy pup she has. I also love the simplicity of her home and furnishings. She seems like a very down to earth person who knows what she likes. I lover her sink and how she has all her products arranged on it.

  • Alors c’est fini, les articles ne sont plus traduits en français ?!? Quel dommage je ne pourrais malheureusement plus suivre ce blog (que j’adorais pourtant, j’y retrouve un ton que je ne vois pas ailleurs …) car je ne suis pas bilingue ! Déçue ….

  • Veronica May, 14 2018, 11:35

    Hi Marie! We were switching between translators last week so there were a few articles that we were late to translate. But as you can see, this article you commented on is indeed translated and we are going back and translating any that we missed from last week. Thank you for your patience! xVeronica

  • Comme Linda, j’ai toujours ete attiree par le minimalisme et la simplicite. Pas de superflu (a part un beau bijou artisanal.) Le but est de se simplifier la vie. :-)

  • I love the sophisticated simplicity of her style. Now I’m craving a cup of tea at home with my pups — and a beautiful neutral palette to go with it.

  • I myself am a maximalist , give me more . Although in others I always love to see a minimalist. How that edited refined look works , does it tell me anything about you . I love to know peoples stories . There’s much more guessing about who a minimalist is. Is it a disguise or is lt true . Sometimes I think a minimalist hides the most .
    Dress The Part

  • Ai-Ch’ng May, 17 2018, 2:18

    Seeing this light-filled, airy and lovingly, simply furnished and decorated space literally made me slow down and exhale: it is beautiful beyond measure. That rust leather corner chair, amongst those light wooden frames – so, so elegant. I love it when home owners have a matching ethos for their home and wardrobes! I’m a maximalist and unpredictable in dressing when I’m in my home town, but our home is also in this clear, light, simple vein: maybe it’s not just having a pared-back wardrobe that influences a minimalist, functional home, but perhaps a busy inner-life also pushes its owners to go clean and simple like Linda’s place.

  • Thank you for the style story about Linda hay, the images are beautiful. However I am mostly confused once I start reading this feature as you never introduce your subject. Who is she, in this case Linda Hay, what does she do? Why does she travel so much and for whom? Why is she in so many studios, are all questions that I ponder about automatically and to me it is difficult to be really interested about a persons style if There is so little information about her except for style. Same with your team or your new team additions you rarely give a quick introduction about how they joined you or what their background is. I’d love to read more details about the people you feature. Thank you for all the many posts, Mimi

  • Ai-Ch’ng May, 17 2018, 2:21

    Hi Mimi! If you click on the pale grey type that is Linda Hay’s name, right at the start of this article, it will take directly to the Atelier Dorè link in which they interview Linda. Everything you want to know about Linda will be there :-)

  • Ai-Ch’ng May, 17 2018, 2:30 / Reply

    As a side note, I still remember seeing Linda years ago, her golden curls and fresh, healthy, clear-eyed beauty beaming from the pages of Australian fashion magazines my Mum would bring home. I love this unexpected Thursday-throwback! It reveals Linda as an inspiration in her talent, and her silver hair, which is so beautiful on her.

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