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It’s crazy how good some people are at creating their own universe. What I like about Morgane’s, the founder of Sézane, super Parisian style is that you can immediately tell her concept of elegance applies to everything in her life, from her clothes to who she is inside.

Today, we hang out with her at home, explore her style, and talk about her favorite outfits for the upcoming spring season…

morgan sezane style story garance dore photo

morgan sezane style story garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
I can’t – I love so many.

What is your approach to the interior design of your shops? Like your home, they feel very welcoming! Was that thought process intentional?
I wanted people to feel a little bit like if they were at home, so they feel that they are free and can take their time.

We also wanted to show that Sézane is an independent brand – the opposite of a chain, it’s very personal. It was very natural for me to decorate L’Appartement as if it were my home.

Being a quintessential French brand, do you feel like Sézane has filled that niche for affordable Parisian wears?
Absolutely! There was no brand offering desirable designs and nice fabrics with a fair price.

I think women who find us feel like they were searching for our pieces forever – a lot of our costumers really follow us season after season. We have a special relationship with them I think. They know we always try our best to improve everything and we listen to and consider them.

Are there things you won’t wear?
Very high heels. I think a woman looks more beautiful when you can see that what she is wearing is like a second skin – easy :)

You live in Paris and launched the brand there, but grew up in Kinshasa. In what ways are the designs for Sézane uniquely Parisian? Do you feel like you’ve kept an influence from your childhood in the designs?
I feel like because I grew up in Kinshasa and also because none of my grandparents were born in France, I’m deeply curious. My parents are very open minded and it’s hard to define them, they’re very free. I cherish the way they always taught me, my brother and my sister to not care about what people think and to follow only our instinct. It helps to imagine new things and never feel obligated.

I’ve never wanted Sézane to be defined with a specific style… Sézane is like a woman, it’s always evolving, it’s living. But there is maybe one thing that’s very French – the effortless aspect and the obsession with great fabrics and cuts, which comes from the couture culture of Paris.

morgan sezane style story garance dore photo
Style Story / Morgane Sezalory
morgan sezane style story garance dore photo

How does your lifestyle influence your personal style?
I have two little girls, I work a lot, and I’m often late so I try to choose clothes that are versatile, that you can wear from morning to night, adding or changing only accessories.

How has your style evolved over the years?
I’ve always loved to change the way I dress. I love so many different things, cultures, influences, colors… my mind, my friends, my decoration, my style is like that. I just need to feel good and feel like myself.

What changed with the years is that I used to love shopping… I don’t at all anymore. Maybe it’s because I create everything I want to wear. I enjoy having few pieces I really love and that I know fit perfectly so I don’t waste any time not feeling well or feeling like myself. I feel very free now, I feel like I have nothing to prove or show to anyone. I dress up for myself and my husband, who loves me more natural, not sophisticated.

Do you have a fashion muse?
Not really – I have a strong history of fashion in my mind which always guides me because I started with vintage. All the vintage pieces educated me so much.

Style Story / Morgane Sezalory

morgan sezane style story garance dore photo

morgan sezane style story garance dore photo

Does your interior decorating taste extend to your wardrobe? Do you have a go-to uniform?
Yes – I love many styles, colors, influences… I love pieces you can keep forever but always with a twist and a special history.

My uniform is Sézane jeans, a printed shirt, and a denim jacket like our Will Jacket with big pockets so I can hold my notebook, keys, phone, souvenirs from the day.

Is there a certain philosophy you have when it comes to designing for Sézane?
I always tell my team to think about how we feel as women – what makes a woman feel good? The perfect cut and great fabric.

Where do you find inspiration? Is there ever a shortage?
My eyes are wide open all the time… EVERYTHING is an inspiration – A color, a moment, a picture, a feeling, a vintage fabric.

When you travel for work, what do you always pack in your suitcase?
Sneakers, a pair of jeans, shirts and a big scarf.

What are the three things you’d save in a fire?
Pictures and letters of my love, my family.

morgan sezane style story garance dore photo
morgan sezane style story garance dore photo

Rapid Fire!

Heels or flats?

Skirt or dress?

Lake or ocean?

Blow dry or air dry?
Blow dry.

Minimalist or maximalist?

Skinny dip or skinny jeans?
Skinny jeans.

Paris or New York?

morgan sezane style story garance dore photo


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