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I’ve actually never met Sara in person. I discovered her on the internet, on Instagram, where we find so many things these days. Sara lives across the world from me in Sydney, a place I’ve never been (but hope to go some day). Despite the distance, her style is so familiar to me. She dresses exactly the way I want to, and the way I think so many girls in New York want to as well. All this is to say that it’s crazy how small our world is! It’s rather heartwarming to think that I share something with someone who lives ten thousand miles away, even if it’s just our taste in clothes.

Anyways, without any further rambling, I would love to introduce you to Sara, the founder of Harper & Harley and The Undone Shop. I hope you love her style as much as I do!



Describe your style in 3 words.
I would like to think my style is refined, minimal and effortless.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?
Blue high waisted jeans, a black top that ties in at the waist and a chic flat or low heel.

Who are your style icons?
I follow so many stylish women on Instagram, but am definitely drawn to the ones that show me how to wear wardrobe classics and make them look fresh.

I love those that have a go-to look, like Ilona Hamer, Caroline De Maigret and Elin Kling.

Style Story / Sara Crampton



Style Story / Sara Crampton

Define style versus fashion.
Style is like your DNA, it’s the colours, silhouettes and go-to pieces that you turn to time and time again, and then fashion is the seasonal injections that you can add that fit within your personal style. Fashion pieces are what makes your personal style fun, but it’s important to think about these pieces a little more carefully, and find that balance.

What’s most important when it comes to style: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
I feel my most beautiful when I’m comfortable, but I still like to be put together and refined, so garments with beautiful fabrications and subtle details really excite me.

What is the most valued thing in your closet?
If I had to save only two things in a fire, I think it would be a pair of vintage jeans that fit perfectly and then a CHANEL handbag I bought when I attended my first CHANEL show this year. They’re more sentimental and would be hard to replace.





What are some of the brands or designers you carry at your shop that you feel perfectly encapsulate your style?
There are two Australian brands that I definitely gravitate towards, and that’s Christopher Esber and Albus Lumen. Chris designs really clean and refined pieces, and then Marina from Albus Lumen creates really wearable elevated resort wear.

How does living in Sydney influence your personal style?
Sydney is all about the lifestyle. Going for a swim after work during summer, and being outside as much as possible is really important to those that live here. My style has definitely been influenced by this, as your outfit can’t be too fussy, yet you want to feel put together and be able to go to a bar and look and feel great, yet completely effortless.

Style Story / Sara Crampton

Jacket, Christopher Esber; Pants, Christopher Esber; Sandals, Maria Farro

Shirt, Matin; Jeans, Camilla and Marc; Sandals, Maria Farro
Top, Christopher Esber; Pants, Beaufille; Sandals, Maria Farro
Gold Rings, All Blues
Silver Earrings, Agmes


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  • Gabriela Yareliz December, 5 2018, 10:32 / Reply

    There are so many great Aussies with great style. I also love the Twice Blessed twins from Melbourne. Bec and Marissa K. Loved this piece.

  • Je trouve son style trés joli mais moi, ça ne me rassure pas du tout d´avoir le style en commun avec quelqu´un qui habite de l´autre côté du monde. Je trouverai même cela plutôt triste

  • Sara is beautiful isnt she. Ive been following her blog for so many years now. She has definitely inspired my inner minimalist. And I think she really captures Sydney style, which is all about comfort but totally stylish at the same time. I listened to her interview on the Offline podcast and she comes across as really humble, sweet and beautifully shy.

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