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I can’t remember the first time I discovered Sheree Commerford on Instagram, but I remember being completely captivated by her. I still am. She’s alarmingly beautiful and has a style that feels truly unique to who she is. Living in the northern beaches of Sydney with her equally as beautiful family (“coast to country folk” as she describes them), she runs Captain and the Gypsy Kid – a site dedicated to inspired family style. Influenced by many things like a childhood on a farm and a career in fashion, Sheree has developed a very clear, wholesome, and refreshingly simple, approach to life, family, and fashion. You know, the good stuff.

fashion style story sheree atelier dore photo

fashion style story sheree atelier dore photo

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do at Captain and the Gypsy Kid (CATGK)?
My official title is “jack of all trades,” similar to my role at home. We are a creative agency that conceptualises, creates, and builds brand assets and campaigns for clients. The site has given me creative freedom to work outside of fashion and into travel and lifestyle but family style is always such a strong theme throughout. As I evolve and grow so does my work and what I put up on the site. Change is a great thing. Creating content isn’t my long term plan but for now I am very appreciative of my global community and the incredible family editorials I have been able to create, the stories I have been able to share. These families have given me so much by allowing me into their homes and lives. I feel very blessed for that.

Motherhood is a predominant component of the overall aesthetic of your blog. How has motherhood changed your style?
For me it hasn’t actually changed my style as a direct influence, but it’s the lack of time you have for yourself that might be the catalyst for some choices. I believe that spending too much time in front of the mirror is neither good for your style or your soul, so I see it as a good thing. Plus I have less funds to spend on myself so I have to be more creative with what’s already in the wardrobe. To be honest it’s age that has made the real change to my style. Small changes that have evolved over time to a more grown up version of myself. Quality is at the forefront and I think more about where my clothes came from and how were they made.

Describe your style in three words.
Undone, boy meets girl, preloved (Sorry! Couldn’t do just three!)

fashion style story sheree atelier dore photo

When it comes to style, what’s most important: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Innovation. Comfort will naturally become a part of that as I tend to gravitate towards low maintenance and practicality most days. Beauty can be found anywhere, but innovation is the part that is EXCITING. I love the challenge of constantly reinventing. This is why I’m so die hard about vintage. I guess it’s ironic that I find so many pieces of clothing that are considered “old” to be what I classify as innovative in design and style.

I love your fondness of western details. You refer to your style as an ode to “small folk.” What does this mean to you and how does it reflect your approach to fashion?
Oh thank you. I grew up on a cane and cattle farm here in Australia, I’m pretty sure that is where the western thing came from. An element of country has always naturally been there. The ode to small folk really refers to the beginnings of CATGK. It was the thought of wanting to be with the kids as much as possible, of bringing in an income and wanting to be fulfilled creatively. I had just become a mother and a completely new world of inspiration was my every day. At the time there weren’t many avenues that communicated what I loved about family and fashion, where I could embrace who I was as a creative alongside who I had become as a mother, so I wanted to tell that story.

Do you have a fashion muse?
I have so many. People, places, music, colour, film. When it’s a person it’s more about overall style – how they feel about themselves and how that translates through what they wear and how they communicate themselves to the world. I LOVE Diane Keaton. She would have to be one of my all time muses. I have so many friends that also inspire me, that have such beautiful and authentic style. My children and partner Sam, mum and dad…so many.

fashion style story sheree atelier dore photo

3 things you always pack in your back when you travel?
One pair of great blue denim jeans.
One great white dinner shirt, usually mens and oversized.
Show stopping accessories.

What do you hope for the future? In terms of your blog, life, family, etc.
Before children I was very driven by my career and the standard notion of success. These days I couldn’t care about anything less. This doesn’t mean I’m not motivated to work hard, but time is what I value the most now. I want what all parents want for their families – a world free of prejudice, hate and discrimination, and a planet that our grandchildren can call home. If I could give them a future where kindness is the norm, to one another and the planet, then my work would be done. There is so much work to do and that’s where the future of CATGK lies. We’re launching a new website in November that will work to move forward in a positive way with a positive effect on people and the planet.

fashion style story sheree atelier dore photo

fashion style story sheree atelier dore photo

Style Story / Sheree Commerford

Look 1: Dress, Vintage ; Knit, Bassike ; Hat, Akubra ; Boots, Saint Laurent ; Bag, Saint Laurent / Look 2: Denim Jacket, Vintage ; Ruffle Dress, Vintage ; Belt, Vintage / Look 3: Jeans, Raey ; Jacket, Vintage ; Loafers, Gucci


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  • J’adore son style et je partage le meme engouement pour le style de Diane Keaton !
    Les photos sont tres belles. Bravo pour ce reportage !

  • Is Garance still creating content for the blog? I miss her voice and find that I am losing interest in just looking at pretty people in pretty locations.

  • Natalie August, 24 2017, 2:22

    Hi Peony! We hear you. Garance does still create content for the site, including her diary posts which will pick back up in September, as well as having her eye on everything we produce additionally. Apart from that, we are a team working hard to bring content that we love and are excited by, I’d love to hear any specific things you (or any of our readers!) are particularly interested in seeing and reading. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or email me directly! [email protected] xx

  • Kindness is an attainable goal and an admirable one . In this world we need more people like Sheree Commerford.
    Great post
    Dress The Part

  • Beautiful style : )

  • Mercedes August, 24 2017, 1:48 / Reply

    I super enjoy the interviews she does on her site. I am obsessed with her hair! It has a live on its own…
    X, Mercedes

  • I agree with Peony. I miss Garance. The content that past few months has been snoozy. I would love to see beauty product content like ‘this is my favorite tinted moisturizer and these are photos of me applying it’, I’d love to see little videos (I know they are labor intensive but it seems like you have sooo many people working at the atelier now and the content is just meh), I would love to see you actually cooking or assembling a salad or smoothie instead of posting a recipe, interview your models in a little ‘behind the scene’ photo shoot, I’d loooove to hear an update on Emily’s wedding planning, and I hope we get to see photos of the actual weddings happening with staff. I really love this website and Garance’s voice and vision and wish it could get a bit back on track. xoxo

  • Mathilde August, 25 2017, 12:49 / Reply

    To join my voice to Peony and Helena, I think what made this blog and now website stand out was the fresh take of Garance on the fashion world. It was like “a girl like us messing around trying to fit in this strange world without having the codes”. The content you are producing is still incredible and stylish, but maybe a bit less surprising. It’s beautiful, it’s zen.
    I know everyone grow up and evolve you are not going to faint surprise if you now master the subject. I agree with Helena when she talks about behind the scene content. The finish product is gorgeous be we also want to see how you make it, the good time you have working on it, and maybe the tries you have before having the result you want. I guess we want to support your creation in an active way and not in a passive reading like a magazine.

    I stop here, I fear to be rude instead of showing my love for this platform I have been following for years (even died my hair in a color inspired by one of the photo here !).
    Good luck for all the futur challenges !

  • Elle est vraiment supeeeer belle cette fille, j’aime son style
    C’est sympa d’avoir des reportages d’Australie, un peu une planète inconnue…, merci!

  • CATGK is one of my favorite brands and i’m pleasantly surprised to see it featured here .

  • I am officially obsessed with Sheree’s style. As an artist, I dress for myself but still love clothes but cannot find a good reason to spend a fortune on them. Sheree has rekindled my love for comfy vintage! Why did I stop the fun hunt? Off to Brimfield Antiques for some treats!

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