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A self-proclaimed foodie, Sofia Wood’s beautifully arranged recipes she posts on her Instagram are perfectly in line with her straightforward way of dressing. Turn back the clock to 2008 and you might not recognize her when Garance photographed her… with bright blonde hair! But I’m sure even then Sofia was as lovely as she was that warm day in Stockholm when she invited us into her home for yet another fika and some easy-listening to the newest Frank Ocean album.

The thing about Nordic women is they are so kind and welcoming and make everything seem so easy. Even picking fresh vegetables from their shared garden out back to make a delicious snack, or catering to her daughter Ruby’s requests to dress up in her voluminous Rick Owens wedding dress she hangs from her wardrobe – it is all just uncomplicated.

Style Story / Sofia Wood
fashion style story sophia wood garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Minimalist, eclectic, soft.

Where do you like to shop in Stockholm? Any favorite home/goods shops?
My life is busy and if I take the time to go look in stores I really want them to be something else, an inspiring experience. Otherwise I’d much rather shop online. For homeware I like browsing through Garbo Interiors, I’m also in love with Stockholm Matmarknad, which is a tiny little produce market in the center of the city but everything they have is absolute perfection.

When it comes to style, what’s most important: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Beauty, which for me is also totally linked to feeling comfortable as well.

fashion style story sophia wood garance dore photo

fashion style story sophia wood garance dore photo

fashion style story sophia wood garance dore photo

Would you say you have a go-to look or uniform for getting dressed everyday?
Definitely, although it changes from season to season. Right now I’m wearing a lot of dresses and skirts over cropped slim pants.

Do you have a fashion muse?
Sort of, Margot Tenenbaum with a hint of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy perhaps? Kind of eclectic, slightly preppy but also luxe and classic.

Growing up in Sweden, do you feel like your style was influenced by the minimalist aesthetics?
I think so yes. I have a big love for the little details rather than big and bold moves. I really enjoy a frayed edge, small pleats, a cropped or slightly elongated length. Maybe that type of Scandi aesthetic also reflects in my color palette which is mainly neutrals, navy and black.

fashion style story sophia wood garance dore photo

And how has your career, and style, changed since becoming a mom?
I have two children, Ruby who is almost five and Otis who just turned two. Having both of them has taught me to how to trust my intuition and using that in decision making rather than being more “if and but,” which is how I used to be. In my career I feel like becoming a mom has also made me more focused and effective, and probably a better employee. Procrastinating isn’t something I have the luxury of doing any more haha! And since time is really of the essence I’ve tried to adjust my wardrobe into becoming very versatile and easy to combine. Also the height of my heels has gone down considerably, I live in my Isabel Marant Holden Leather Slides during spring and summer.

Favorite snack to pack when you travel? And do you make it yourself? AND, if so, care to share the recipe?
Absolutely! I’m a huge fan of nut milk smoothies which are both filling, satisfy my sweet tooth and are easy to have on the go. Right now I’m really into using a base of cashew nut milk which is good for your seratonin levels, a natural “happy chemical” that balances out your mood.

Serves one:

1 cup organic cashew milk
2 Medjool dates
4 ice cubes
1/2 frozen banana
1 tsp chia seeds
A pinch of cinnamon, raw cocoa and sea salt

Pit the dates and place everything in a blender, mix until creamy and frothy. Bottle and drink whenever you need a boost or are feeling peckish!

fashion style story sophia wood garance dore photo

fashion style story sophia wood garance dore photo

OK. Rapid Fire!

Heels or flats?
Flats – day and night!

Lake or ocean?

Blow dry or air dry?
Air dry – always.

Minimalist or maximalist?
Minimalist – surprise!

Skinny dip or skinny jeans?
Skinny dip. I’m Swedish.

Licorice or fika?
Fika – and I’m doing the baking!

Style Story / Sofia Wood

Look one: Black top, vintage ; Tan skirt , Filippa K ; Jewelry, Vintage / Look two: Cream sweater, Filippa K ; Skirt , Lindex ; Black jacket, Filippa K / Look three: Pleated pants, Issey Miyake ; Cardigan, Filippa K ; Sandals, Isabel Marant


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