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Since moving to New York I’ve learned the importance of a well stocked summer bag. You can’t venture out into the city on a summer day willy-nilly. Well, everyone attempts this foolish venture at least once (maybe twice), and then about three hours later you find yourself sunburned, parched, and smelling of… well, the city while you melt onto the cement at 2nd and 13th. So you retreat into your air conditioned cubicle of an apartment vowing to never venture out again.

C’mon. That’s no way to spend summer — inside a cold cubicle. Instead, you need some armor for that summer heat so you can flâneur your way around the city just like Garance in our Art of Life 2.0 Film Series.

What’s in our bags this summer? I’m so glad you asked ;)

First — your shoes. Yes, it starts from the ground up because nothing kills a vibe more than sore feet. I have been wearing Soludos for the past three summers and I’ve never had a blister while wearing them — which is damn impressive. Our friends at The Gathery collaborated with Soludos on an exclusive pair of espadrilles for Le Méridien in the spirit of ”Au Soleil."

Second — the bag itself. It’s got to be room-y enough to hold all your essentials with some extra room for whatever you might pick up along the way. And it needs shoulder straps.

Third — a hat and sunscreen. That guards you from said sunburn and melting. I recently brought my favorite sunscreen, Supergoop, to a Central Park picnic and every man there was very apprehensive of this “fancy” sunscreen. But by the end, they’d each ordered it off their phones. It’s that good.

Top that off with Omorovicza’s face mist (which is at cult status in our office, when one person mists, the whole office asks for a spritz) and you are as cool as a cucumber with glasses.

we are dore x le meridien summer essentials style

we are dore x le meridien summer essentials style

we are dore x le meridien summer essentials style

Fourth — a water bottle and face mist to keep ya cool. Everyone at our office uses Porter everything. Water bottles, salad bowls and coffee cups. They’ve even turned this little lady into someone who actually likes to carry around a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, and that’s saying a lot.

Fifth — Speaking of sunglasses…. duh. A must. May we suggest Salt Sunglasses?

Sixth — a Turkish towel. They’re just damn genius for summer days because they fold up into nothing and create a moment for an impromptu picnic wherever you go.

And finally, a camera and journal. Dare I saw these are the most important things. Why? Because they let you actually reflect and remember your day.

we are dore x le meridien summer essentials style

we are dore x le meridien summer essentials style

Special thanks to our friends at Le Méridien for getting us in the spirit of Au Soleil, and the dreamers at The Gathery for inspiring us to discover our essentials for a summer day of flânerie.


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  • I remember my mother wearing a straw boater, stripy tee, clogs and a carrying a basket. A the time I didn’t realise how incredibly stylish she looked. Now, I wear the same stuff minus the clogs :) Instead, I go for barely there sandals.

  • Angela Karen Clough June, 16 2019, 10:34 / Reply

    Cannot wait to receive your emails. Recommended by Parisian Chic

  • Claire June, 21 2019, 9:13 / Reply

    I want it all! Including the outfit Garance is wearing in the video… can you share where I can shop that outfit?

  • I love clogs. Recently discovered them, and have been wearing blush colored ones all summer

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