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Typically, I’m not the kind of person who wears a hat. No shade to the hat enthusiasts among us, I just feel like, generally, it’s not really my style. When I’m in the city, which I am most of the time, I like to fly more under the radar. I wear comfortable clothes, flats or low heels, non-flashy accessories… I keep it low key.

But, there is one time when I like to break the rules, and that’s summer VACATION! (I have to write “vacation” in all caps because I’m so excited for it that I could scream.) On vacation, I feel like I’m living my fantasy life, so I like to be the fantasy version of myself. On vacation I’m the girl that wears the hat.

This striped hat is for your more ambitious vacation self. The one who wants to spice things up a little bit.

Hat, Eugenia Kim; Bikini top, Solid & Striped; Pants, Tory Burch

Same thing goes for this tall hat from Cult Gaia. She’s spicy!

Dress and hat, Cult Gaia

Vacation hats are fun! And what’s wrong with adding a little fun and whimsy to your summer look? Plus! They’re added SPF. I’ll admit that I like a nice tan, but now that I’ve entered my late twenties, I’m not playing around with sun protection.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I pulled a couple of my favorite hats, put together some “summer fantasy self” looks and had a rooftop photoshoot with Bogdana (because why not?).

Happy hat wearing and happy summer!!

atelier dore market story hats summer swim

Hat, Sensi Studio; Dress, Tory Burch

This hat is for strolling through the fields in the South of France, okay?

Hat, Clyde; Top and skirt, Mara Hoffman

I love this floppy hat from Rejina Pyo. It’s a bit like this season’s update on the ubiquitous bucket hat.

Top and skirt, Tory Burch; Hat, Rejina Pyo

The classic wide brim. Can’t go wrong!

Bikini top and bottoms, Mara Hoffman; Hat, Clyde

Well I just think this Clyde hat with the neck shade is so… romantic. There’s something old fashioned about it, but something also very modern.

Hat, Clyde; Swimsuit, Matteau


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  • Any dupes for the Clyde hats for someone on a significantly smaller budget? I love them but can’t justify more than $50 on a hat I’ll only wear three months out of the year.

  • Kin, SF May, 23 2019, 2:17 / Reply

    What great hat stylings with your timely post, Christina – thank you! I love, love, love hats — on summer vacations and even home here in windy San Francisco! I have been known to have destroyed quite a few through packing/usage but the upside is new hats! :D

    @Eliza, do check out the current selection on Nordstrom online. There are terrific selections at a wide-range of prices.

  • Eliza May, 24 2019, 8:34

    Perfect, thanks so much!

  • Jessica May, 23 2019, 4:38 / Reply

    @Eliza: She’s always selling out of everything way too fast – but keep your eye on Adored Vintage. It’s very This Vibe, but for much much cheaper.

  • Je ne pense pas avoir une tête à chapeau mais j’aime beaucoup certaine forme dont la 3ème que tu proposes !
    Line de https://la-parenthese-psy.com/

  • As a Southern Frenchie, I have to wear hats on the beach in the Summer or in the Winter because of the rain/wind and I have always loved them. “J’ai une tête à chapeau, youpi!”.
    From the very traditional beret or “chapeau cloche” or beanie in the winter, I like to swap my winter hat to summer versions, from panama hats, large straw hats which I find very feminine or a cute canotier to stand out of the crowd. You made me want to buy a polka dot one, now… Lovely.

  • These are beautiful hat options. I can’t imagine summer without straw hats and I wear them in spring as well. When the sun gets string, I wear them on every day basis .

  • Love it, it’s definitely important to know how to do this properly and efficiently, clients LOVE these.

  • Really nice collection of dresses and beautiful models good work guys.

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