The Beauty of Asymmetry

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Adorning oneself in beautiful jewelry will never get old, but the way in which we do so is ever-changing. It was layers in the 70’s, oversized in the 80’s, and today, well, we like to mix things up a bit. Mixing and matching earrings has become quite the phenomenon. So much so, brands are catching on and designing asymmetrical pairs or curating entire collections that a that are meant to be strategically mismatched. At a time when everyone seems to be trying to contour their face to appear perfectly symmetrical, we are decorating ourselves in a way that counteracts this. Maybe it’s fashion’s rejection to our new obsession with a perfectly curated world? If so, I am 100% on board.


Jewelry Atelier Dore

Blazer, Acne Studios ; T-Shirt, Tibi ; Earrings, Leigh Miller ; Ring, J. Hannah ; Ring, Winden, Ring, All Blues.

fashion_atelier_dore_asymmetric_jewelry_14 copy

There are plenty of brands adopting asymmetric tendencies, but we chose to highlight the ones who have been leading the charge. Brands like Leigh Miller, Winden, Peet Dullaert, and All Blues are changing the game of fashion jewelry and bringing a more refined approach to contemporary price points. Elegance for all, I say!

The Beauty of Asymmetry

Jewelry Atelier Dore

Jewelry Atelier Dore

White Blouse, Tibi ; Earrings, Peet Dullaert; Turtleneck, Goldsign; Earrings, Peet Dullaert.


Earring, All Blues.

The trick to asymmetry is keeping the rest simple. The jewelry is meant to take center stage. Let the structural details of each piece elevate your bone structure and move with you. Asymmetrical jewelry compliments well with sophisticated, streamlined silhouettes and a demure color or print. It feels thoughtful, yet effortless. And isn’t that the bulls eye of style? Just enough thought, and a little less effort.


Jewelry Atelier Dore

The Beauty of Asymmetry

Top & Skirt, Tibi; Earrings, Peet Dullaert Rings , J. Hannah.


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  • evangeline February, 12 2018, 10:21 / Reply

    Très bel article qui donne envie d’adopter ces belles créations.
    Cela m’a fait penser à une créatrice, découverte il y a quelques temps, qui allie l’art de l’asymétrie et celui de véhiculer des histoires à travers ces bijoux

    Cheers, Eva

  • Asymmetry is about creating or drawing the viewers eye , to where you want them to focus. Too me the viewer should always be drawn to the face . Therefore it makes perfect sense to cut or put up your hair asymmetrically. Asymmetry will work with jewelry especially earrings. Probably not the best idea for makeup. Highlight the face and decoutage!
    Dress The Part

  • inspiring post — there is certainly an art to asymmetry, and it can substantially elevate a look. it was an 80s trend as well, but seems to be freshly and beautifully re-interpreted today. lovely.

  • I love this post! Beautiful.

    It’s funny, I actually started mixing up earrings when I was 17 (living in New York at the time, fashion was my one and only universe). When getting dressed, I would not be able to decide between a few pairs of earrings, so I figured – why do I have to choose? So I would just matched and mix them up in a way that they seemed cool and in harmony with each other.
    I also had another ear piercing and I really liked matching the bigger earrings with a cute & subtle smaller one.

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