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Julie Houts recently cleaned out her closet. She doesn’t know I know this but I do. I know this because our mutual friend, Madeline, recently asked if I wanted a purple jumpsuit Julie passed down to Madeline because it doesn’t fit Madeline quite right. My text response was along the lines of, “Logistically I don’t think I could wear anything of Julie’s because of my ass and emotionally I think any garment of Julie’s would be insulted to be hung alongside my plebeian cloths. But who gives a shit, I want it and will do anything to wear something that Julie deemed worthy enough to wear even for a few short years.” Even Tori, who gets to peep inside of some of the most exquisite lady closets, came to me with eyes full of wonder after seeing Julie’s. Julie may be able to skewer fashion with the shrewdest of observations (as seen in her brilliant book, Literally Me) but what’s more impressive is she’s able to do so while looking better than all of us. See for yourself below!

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

The Crown Julie

What is your ideal outfit or uniform to wear every day?
Since going freelance, I’ve developed a pretty extensive pajama wardrobe. If I’m feeling particularly fancy, I’ll wear silk ones.

Who are your style icons?
I would say primarily dead European socialites from the ’30s- ‘60s. (Is it sacrilege to answer this question with anything other than, “KATE MOSS!”)

Do you find that your personal style directly effects the characters you create in your illustrations or vice versa?
Yes, pieces I’m wearing often find their way into my illustrations simply because they’re more front of brain. I’ve also definitely incorporated pieces I’d never be able to afford into an illustration. Just living vicariously through 10” tall illustrations.

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

How has your style adapted to the change of going from corporate to freelance?
As I mentioned, I’ve become a bit of a pajama aficionado. When I actually do leave the house for a meeting, I tend to think a bit more about what I’m going to wear simply because I have the time to. Its exciting now to actually get dressed, so I tend to put a bit more thought into what I want to wear than I did before when I was working at a corporate job, stumbling around half-awake trying to remember if I had already worn the selected outfit earlier that week. Beyond that, sometimes I’ll have several meetings in a row all over town, and as a result my footwear has gotten slightly more reasonable than it was when the furthest I’d walk in a day was from my desk to the copy machine.

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

Julie Houts Atelier Dore

First look: White blouse, Balenciaga; black pants, Rosie Assoulin; shoes, Celine; coat, vintage Bill Blass; bag, Rochas.

Second look: Black cropped sweater, vintage Celine; skirt, Ellery; coat, Yohji Yamamoto; shoes, Manolo Blahnik; earrings, Rebecca de Ravenel.

Third look: Black dress, TOME; shoes, Prada; earrings, Quarry; coat, Pallas.


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  • J’adore les boucles d’oreilles noires ainsi que les gold portees avec un pull noir, c’est tres elegant.

  • Love this piece!

  • I love the photos! They are so perfect and beautiful! Such an inspiration!

  • there is a slideshow on the top that wasn’t supposed to be there..

  • Veronica March, 14 2018, 12:05

    Hi Saglara — thanks for catching that, it should be fixed now! x

  • I love these features that take us into the home and style of an interesting woman, but I am a little perplexed by the tone – why must holding a woman up for any aspect of her life entail putting ourselves, or even our wardrobes down? Why the self-abnegation, the “starving for weeks?” I dont get it. I know that this site often takes a “we are all struggling together, lets get real” vibe, but this seems jarring, especially with Garance’s growing emphasis on self-acceptance and holistic health.

  • I too was taken aback by this! I totally understand it’s in a jokey tone, but still not a good vibe to put out there!

  • Atelierdore,

    Help me out please.

    There is this brass pin that she is wearing on the button of her shirt in the first photo. Is that a design detail on the shirt or a jewel that she added on top ? If its a jewel, could you get me the details please ?

    Thanks !

  • Veronica March, 14 2018, 6:14

    I believe it is a button… but looking into confirmation now!

  • And you mis-spelt Yohji-san’s last name.

  • Veronica March, 14 2018, 6:13

    thank you for that catch! fixed!

  • I’ m writing this while I am still processing the loss of Hubert de Givenchy , and therefore am running everything through that filter . I am moved by the idea of dressing like European socialites , one of greatest designers for this realm was Givenchy . So when channeling Madame Rothchilds , Princess Grace , Babe Paley or others, pay tribute to your sleek classic beauty by remembering one of it’s inspirations, Givenchy.
    Dress The Part

  • Love the posters in her apt! Does anyone have a rec for where to find similar ones online?

  • Ahhh I bought Literally Me recently and have honestly been waiting to open it because it’s like a piece of chocolate I want to savor–I know the second I start reading it, I’m going to burn through it all. She looks as chic as one of her drawings, minus the sharp and spot-on talk bubbles. Also, those gold earrings are to die for.

  • Bonjour ! Merci pour ce super article qui nous aide à faire le plein d’inspirations avant les fêtes !

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