The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes

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Brie Welch

I often hear people say they can’t wear prints, as if they’re allergic – but I beg to differ, especially when that print happens to be stripes. Perfectly graphic and repetitive, it’s a design that kids, women, and old men can wear proudly! Nothing like a little versatility and a design thats happy in its universal appeal.

Stripes, as you may have guessed, are our topic of trend today. Sported in many different ways by Nianga, a dutch DJ whose mix we danced to while shooting this story. She’s generally just a vivacious woman!

So frequently we wear things without realizing the historical relevance associated. For instance, did you know in the 1300’s, striped clothes were considered demeaning, pejorative and were worn by social outcasts? The seemingly traditional stripe wasn’t as classic as you thought! Or that the original Breton top that’s synonymous with, well, the French, originated in the coastal region of Brittany and became the uniform for sailors: a striped woven top with 21 horizontal stripes (one for each of Napolean’s victories) and boat neckline for quick dressing. This marinière was born out of functionality, but ultimately ended up becoming part of a sort of countercultural attitude – associated with everyone from Coco Chanel to mid-century hipsters to the master of stripes, Jean-Paul Gaultier.

That simple, nautical inspired blue & white stripe knit top may be a wardrobe staple today, but it is succeeded by so many variations. Primary colored, subtly woven into a sweater, dispersed and free like erased lines on a sheet of rule paper, or created texturally – stripes are for every occasion…

The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes


the edit no 6 part 3 atelier dore photo

She’s impressively complex and has educated mannerisms, so the stripe is most subtle here. She’ll exaggerate with length and an architectural shoe, instead.

Dress, Loewe ; Blazer, Tibi ; Belt, Sonia Rykiel ; Shoes, Burberry ; Earrings, Delfina Delattrez ; Bag, Loewe ; Belt 2, Loewe

The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes
The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes

Headed to the beach on the daily, stripes in all their forms come naturally, in retro swim shorts mixed with monochromatic striped tops. It’s easy living!

Shorts, Miu Miu ; Pullover, Acne Studios ; Top, Phillip Lim ; Sandals, Alumnae ; Earrings, Sophie Monet ; Anklet, J Hannah ; Ring, Delfina Delattrez ; Bag, Sensi Studio

The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes
the edit no 6 part 3 atelier dore photo

Skip your go-to black pantsuit and instead opt for a pencil thin striped pant with those Gucci penny loafers. A classic knit polo is the perfect top to keep things refined but relaxed.

Top, Alejandra Alonso Rojas ; Pants, Tibi ; Shoes, Gucci ; Earrings, J Hannah ; Bag, Proenza Schouler

The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes
The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes

Maybe you’re headed to a sports game, or perhaps just looking for an excuse to wear a this combination of primary colors all at once. Either way, you’re definitely having fun!

Pullover, Tommy Hilfiger ; Dress, Pringle of Scotland ; Sneakers, Converse ; Earrings, Proenza Schouler ; Ring, Delfina Delattrez

The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes
The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes

Zig-zagging your way into the night, a top reminiscent of ivory piano keys plays well with semi-sheer pleated skirt. And of course a bouttoniere for good measure!

Blazer, Lanvin ; Top, Dion Lee ; Skirt, Off White ; Shoes, Lanvin ; Earrings, Delfina Delattrez

The Edit No.6 / Part 3 – Stripes

the edit no 6 part 3 atelier dore photo

the edit no 6 part 3 atelier dore photo

the edit no 6 part 3 atelier dore photo

All the colors, plus the feathers and the disco inspired stacked rhinestone earrings. She’s taking risks like she’s eating pizza – whenever she wants!

Dress, Proenza Schouler ; Shoes, Paul Andrew ; Earrings, Roxanne Assoulin


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  • Gorgeous, both she and the editorial. Just gorgeous. Here’s to stripes!

    Brie for President, 2020.

  • Sunny Side April, 11 2017, 10:45 / Reply

    Génial ce post ! Les photos sont sublimes, stunning éditorial . Bravo Brie !

  • How are you so good Brie?!

  • therese April, 11 2017, 3:31 / Reply

    Lovely shoot Brie. I love stripes. Ha never thought of it but prison stripes… it makes sense now.

  • Nianga is gorgeous.
    I love stripes. They often play very nicely with other “neutral patterns” like florals and leopard.

  • Janette April, 11 2017, 4:19 / Reply

    The model and story are insanely beautiful! Brie, you have quite the bag of tricks while on set :)

  • J’ai toujours aime et porte des rayures, j’ai meme failli acheter une “enieme” mariniere aujourd’hui, mais je me suis raisonnee a la derniere minute !
    Bravo pour cette presentation raffinee, digne de figurer dans un grand magazine de mode.

  • Maureen April, 11 2017, 6:24 / Reply

    Who needs glossy mags, when we have u guys. Love the shot with the flags.

  • Love the stripes, but I REALLY love her hair.

  • stripes have always been a classic for me… but i guess the graphic style of them changes from time to time.

  • Totally don’t expect you to post this, but two yay comments and one hm comment–love model and that yoI share music for the shoot, very nice!; but the campy “she does this or that” is a bit Barbie. I’m a literary critic! Can’t resist discourse opinions. ;) Otherwise great post.

  • This is so beautiful! Bravo team

  • Well i’ ll perhaps repeat myself each time I see an EDIT: I LOVE THEM !
    Keep, keep, keep on doing that :D

  • Stefani April, 12 2017, 6:24 / Reply

    LOVE this!!!!!!

  • Im completely blown away, this shoot is stunning. I love the makeup, the model, the styling and the delicious accessories. I would love to know what make up Nianga is wearing for each look.

  • These pictures are pretty, but nearly impossible to see on a phone screen, cause they are so small. I can barely detect her mini shorts!

  • Bonjour l’Atelier,
    j’aime vraiment beaucoup le nouveau design du site (tout en étant dans le prolongement de l’ancien) parce qu’il est plus épuré, tout en étant plus sophistiqué. Bravo! C’est un plaisir comme toujours de vous lire. Et comme toujours, on aime aussi avoir des nouvelles de Garance (et oui, on s’y est attaché depuis toutes ces années; et on aime votre travail à vous toutes sans aucun doute)
    Belle soirée;)

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