The Gift of Giving Gifts

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Despite having three sisters, divorced parents, and a three year old nephew, I love holiday shopping. Amid all of the stress, emotional taxation, and exhaustion of doing so, giving a gift to someone you love, that you know they will love, epitomizes the excitement of coming together for the holidays.

The idea of thoughtful giving is what prompted our holiday market story with Vince. We created a game of gift giving tag with five friends (who just so happen to be friends of the site that we just so happen to adore). Everyone got a gift, and everyone gave one, choosing an item they thought would be perfect to pass along. The holidays are just so sweet!

The Gift of Giving Gifts

From: Anna Gray
To: Camilla Engstrom

I want you to be cozy and comfortable in your studio while you're making art! This sweater ties it all together while still being so cute!

Anna wears: Sweater, Vince / Anna’s gift to Camilla

commissions vince gift guide camilla engstrom atelier dore photo

From: Camilla Engstrom
To: Chelsea Neff

I love hanging around at my house all winter long, and I’m hoping you do too! This sweatsuit is the perfect outfit to wear at home, but it's totally acceptable to wear to the deli, too.

Camilla wears: Dress, Vince ; Cardigan, Vince ; Shoes, Vince / Camilla’s gift to Chelsea

From: Chelsea Neff
To: Dianna Lunt

You have such sick style - it's so chic and comfortable. I thought this coat with the fur on the sleeves was perfect for you.

Chelsea wears: Shirt, Vince ; Pants, Vince / Chelsea’s gift to Dianna

The Gift of Giving Gifts
commissions vince gift guide diana lundt atelier dore photo

From: Dianna Lunt
To: Sophie Auster

One of my favorite things about the holidays is family, yes, but also whiskies by the fireplace! This blanket is cozy and warm, and perfect for you to enjoy by the fireplace with whisky!

Dianna wears: Shirt, Vince ; Pants, Vince / Dianna’s gift to Sophie

The Gift of Giving Gifts

From: Sophie Auster
To: Anna Gray

The white leather on these shoes are really cool and you're really cool, so I thought these were perfect for you.

Sophie wears: Sweater, Vince ; Skirt, Vince / Sophie’s gift to Anna


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  • Nelly Holson December, 5 2017, 10:39 / Reply

    Ca sent la promo Vince à plein nez tout de même non?

  • Yes this post is in partnership with Vince as stated in the credits! xx

  • Sunny Side December, 5 2017, 11:03 / Reply

    Vous avez déjà bu ? le texte ne correspond pas aux images…

  • Désolée pour cette confusion! Le texte de chaque femme correspond au cadeau qu’elle a offert (voir photo d’ouverture) et non pas celui qu’elle a reçu! J’espère que cela clarifie un peu la situation x

    (Vanessa translated this for me, I sadly do not speak French fluently lol)

  • Nice and lovely season post. Wearable with style.

  • Beautiful photos but none of the links are showing up. Even the “In Partnership With” is left blank.

  • Hi Jennifer!
    Let us know if you’re still having problems with the links. We tested everything this morning and all should be working!
    x Emily

  • Lovely post! Also what’s the brand for the black leather boots in the opening collage photo? Many thanks!

  • Hi Sally!
    The boots are from Vince! They’re only available in Vince stores for the moment.
    x Emily

  • “Despite having three sisters, divorced parents, and a three year old nephew, I love holiday shopping.”

    Why the”despite?” Sounds like your life is blessed. Some advice, Natalie: Keep in mind those who go into the holidays with real loss or grief before complaining about having it so hard.

  • Cool post with the nice collection.

  • This is really awesome collection. Thanks a lot for sharing

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