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When we pitched a This or That lingerie story, Christina just assumed I was a non-lace girl. It’s not a bad assumption. My clothes are very no frills. Even a big collar or shoulder gives me the hebejebes. Monochromatic outfits are my jam. BUT, that’s the beauty of lingerie. No one else needs to know what your undergarment preference is, but yourself… and whoever else you choose to share it with :)

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In defense of lace…
Veronica: I love the surprise that under these clean lined clothes, I’m an all lace lady. There is something so powerful about having a secret. You know the advice, “imagine everyone in their underwear,” when someone is scared of public speaking? Well, my advice is always to wear a red, lace set when you need that boost of confidence. It gives you a secret and anyone who has a secret, immediately has an allure. I promise.

In defense of cotton…
Christina: Maybe it’s the Virgo in me, but there is something I find so appealing about clean, unadorned, simplicity. I’m the kind of girl who dreams about the perfect pair of vintage jeans, and the elusive perfect white tee to wear them with. I don’t wear nail polish. I stick to a uniform. I’m a pure minimalist, through and through. Even, you guessed it, down to my underwear. But honestly, I feel like my coolest and sexiest self in a comfortable pair of cotton panties. For me, there’s beauty in simplicity, and that’s what give me confidence. When I’m wearing one of the dozens of black, cotton briefs that populate my underwear drawer, that’s just how I feel. Like I’m the one wearing them, and not the other way around.

On Kalila: Bra and underwear, Everlane

On Cassie: Bra and underwear, Hanro


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  • I’m team Christina :) After many years of buy expensive, lace underwear that hardly ever left the drawer (whilst i was walking around in M&S cotton pants) i decided to upgrade to CK underwear and never looked back. I still love the idea of frilly, expensive scraps of lace though!

  • Aleksandra February, 10 2019, 4:30 / Reply

    50/50 I started practicing 50/50 since I was a teenager and still keep it going. cotton panties in black and lace bras. cotton where you need to breathe and lace where you want to shine

  • Same! I think it’s even more fun this way.

  • I like the look of the lace set but I know I won’t wear it. Plain black underwear will do me nicely, I’d rather be creative where people can see it, I like to dress up in everyday life

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