Amanda Kraemer Styles a Sweater Three Ways for Spring

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We are READY for spring over here — and because of that we are coming in HOT with another three looks that we hope will also get you excited for the weather that is juuuust around the corner. Meet Amanda Kraemer, a stylist we adore who is just as ready to get back to a full life as we are!


I love that in your IG bio it says “a lot is my favorite.” But if you could distill it down to three things — what are your three favorite clothing items for spring?

Just like my bio says, I like a lottttt of things. A true Sag, I’m always curious, on a mental wanderlust & love to discover what’s next. I never want to narrow it down to just one thing, but for spring there are a few items I am really excited about. 1) Sweater vests (obviously:) because of their true versatility & ability to wear a gazillion different ways. 2) Elevated ease and wearing anything oversized, especially a big, billowy spring jacket! And 3) Cutouts & showing skin once again.

With the need to stay creative, but consume less, being personal priorities I really wanted to use this opportunity to spin a versatility story & feature a singular item. ‘The Sweater Vest 3 Ways,’ got the spotlight. Thanks to its silhouette & classic vibe, there are so many possibilities with this one.

And with that, a lil diddy about my 3 looks:
1. Stripes on stripes on stripes. Because sometimes more is more. I’d balance this menswear-inspired look with a bright heeled sandal.
2. I love an oversized blazer. I layered this grey one over the vest and added biker shorts for a proportion play. This could easily be finished with a strappy sandal or sneaker.
3. Opposites attract: I love the juxtaposition of wearing it with a feminine dress (or skirt)! and adding some easy, beachy accessories.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Most days I pull off an authentic, approachable, androgynous-meets-chic-fem-mix-master vibe. I never want to look prescriptive. My environment & daily tasks tend to define my look for that day. I love to travel, and when I do, tend to take on a sense of place. I also lead a pretty physical life, so as much as I hate to be ‘defined’ (again, the Sag in me, ha), I’d say the aforementioned is pretty accurate.

If I’m wearing something trendy I balance that with a classic. If I wear an avant garde earring I pair with a simple, oversized white tee. If I go short, then I wear a flat. And if I wear menswear- which I generally do- I love mixing in some skin and a low stacked heel, for example.

What is your earliest memory of recognizing someone’s style?

A few things; I remember my aunts button downs & classic jewelry. She’d try the trends, but she’d always keep it elevated and understated with crisp tailoring & her gold hoops & timepiece. I thought that was very chic-meets-reality of her and I really admired that. My second memory isn’t per se someone’s style, but more so a captivation with the industry and learning to make a look ones own. My older sister was obsessed with plastering our bedroom walls w/pages of Vogue editorial spreads. Each month she’s dutifully swap it out and I loved it. It was our visual insight to global events, whether we knew it or not. It was also my first memory of the fantasy of fashion, and because online shopping wasn’t a thing then (gasp!) and because of where we grew up, we learned to be veryyy resourceful. The era of 90’s minimalism and maximalism still guides my wardrobe and career to this day.

Amanda Kraemer Styles a Sweater Three Ways for Spring

How has your style changed since becoming a mom? (If it has changed?)

I think it’s a combo of my personal ‘coming of age’ and becoming a mother, but I’ve actually gotten more adventurous, & a bit more daring. (Like) If I want to bare my midriff, then I’ll go ahead & bare my midriff. I’ve taken on a sense of ease (I also don’t have time to try on multiple looks in the morning, anymore..), overall confidence and sense of ‘who cares what they think’ mentality. Oh, and I definitely do wear less white:)

Who or what do you look to for inspiration these days?

Just like the rest of us, I can’t wait for full-immersion events, fetes and travel, once again, but in the meantime I’ve been inspired by localized creativity and upcycling; working with what already exists and making it your own and forming something new, wherever you are. I’ve actually started a personal project, I refurbish furniture and textiles and utilize scrap materials and reshape into sculpture and objects. I’m also so inspired by the creatives and studios that will continue to establish themselves in once considered random/remote/desolate areas of our country. With the pandemic causing us all to reset and explore our values and areas of interest, I’m really looking forward to a sense of thoughtful design, innovative handicraft and plenty of people doing it their way, no matter where they are. Very exciting times indeed!

Amanda Kraemer Styles a Sweater Three Ways for Spring

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