Three Looks With Amélie Pichard

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I’ve known Amélie for a couple of years now and I’ve always remained completely charmed by her. She is an accessories designer in Paris and, of course, she’s quite chic and quite talented. But the thing that draws me to Amélie the most is her humor. Everything she does has a little bit of an unexpected twist. I loved learning more about her style and what inspires her here, and I hope you do too.

atelier dore three looks amelie pichard

atelier dore three looks amelie pichard

Describe your style in 3 words.
Lots of layers.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?
All of my man’s outfits! He’s not happy because I wear all of his stuff (except for pants & shoes sadly).

Comfort is most important for me. I do comfortable shoes, and so I need comfortable clothes. For example, each night I go back home and I, immediately, put on my home wear. It’s the best moment of my day! I love the brand Baserange for that because it’s sexy- basic-homewear.

Who or what are you influenced by? Any style icons?
I used to have so many star icons. Pamela Anderson, during my teenage years when I wanted to have big boobs and be blonde, then Edie Sedgwick when I wanted to wear only black tights and nothing else. More recently, I’ve been influenced by Guy Bourdin’s muses. The red hair on curly haired girls…so, I curled my hair. Today, I think I am not influenced by others day-to-day, I am me. It only took 35 years and 17 hairstyle changes!

atelier dore three looks amelie pichard

atelier dore three looks amelie pichard

atelier dore three looks amelie pichard

How does living in Paris influence your style? Do you consider yourself to be quintessentially Parisian?
Parisian style is much too random. I am influenced a lot by American country style. When I am in Paris … I dream to live on a ranch, so I can wear full denim looks and cowboy boots (that’s why I designed them). I live and work on the same street in a village, and I love to be comfortable and raw. But, when I have an appointment or I need to go out of my neighborhood, I put on more sophisticated clothes cause I like that too! I like to be multiple. I am a raw-sophisticate.

What are you excited about right now in fashion and media?
We live in a world where standardization is the key word. I feel so bad about that. Media and social media help that cause. Even if a lot of movements are born everyday, there is little depth. I want to live in a world where people love to take some risks.

What is the most coveted item in your wardrobe?
My Sonia Rykiel wedding dress I bought 4 years ago in a private sale. I Keep it very carefully… in case! Haha!

What inspired you to create your brand? How does it align with your own personal style and values?
I think that childhood influences every designer, because everything starts from there. Being a designer is being a person with a story, a DNA. That’s why I say that being a designer and creating is, for me, similar in effect to therapy. It’s so pleasant to be aligned with what we do and feel. My values should be perfectly aligned with my design and brand strategy. Otherwise, it doesn’t work!

atelier dore three looks amelie pichard
atelier dore three looks amelie pichard

Coat, Vintage; Bodysuit, Vintage; Pants, Urban Outfitters; Boots, Amélie Pichard; Bag, Amélie Pichard

Jacket, Vintage; Sweater, Vintage; Jeans, COS; Boots, Amélie Pichard; Bag, Amélie Pichard

Jacket, Vintage; Turtleneck, Vintage; Leather Pants, Vintage; Pumps, Amélie Pichard; Bag, Amélie Pichard; Cap, Vintage; Ring, Pichard x Ishkar Artisan


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