Three Looks with Anine Bing

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Anine Bing started her career as a Danish model but has evolved to become so much more. From model, to blogger, to mom, to designer, she effortlessly traverses the globe and her clothing reflects that. We were able to catch up with Anine a few weeks ago in celebration of the opening of her new store in Soho and her new line of kid’s clothes. She’s as effortless and fun in person as she looks in these photos.

Three Looks with Anine Bing

How would you describe your style in three words?
Effortless, rock n roll, timeless.

Who is the woman you are designing for with your clothes? Is it a version of yourself, or someone else entirely?
To be honest, it started out with me. The idea to start my own line was simply because I wanted to make clothes for myself that I loved. I wanted that perfect pair of denim, perfect boots and vintage tees. So that is how the line started. And now we design for women around the world, while always remaining true to what feels right intuitively to me. We design for women who want that same effortless but edgy chic feeling when they step outside. Something they can wear running after their kids, hopping between meetings, going out for a night. It’s all about versatility and instilling confidence and to make the getting-ready process as easy and fun as possible.



Three Looks with Anine Bing

Is there something you would never wear (or design)?
Probably a crop top, I’m not really a belly girl! But never say never I guess.

You were born in Denmark but have lived and worked extensively throughout Europe and are now based in Los Angeles with frequent trips to New York for work. How does this international perspective influence your style and designs?
My travels are such a huge source of inspiration for me. Obviously I come from the Scandinavian approach with design and style, so that chic minimalism fuels a lot of my process, but so does the LA lifestyle. I always love people watching in cities like London, Paris and New York because women are on foot and moving around and it’s never too precious, there’s always that bit of edge but in different unique versions. Traveling is by far the most inspiring process!

You recently launched a line for kids. What was your design philosophy when approaching clothing design for little ones?
Of course I had my own kids in mind when starting the collection. It mainly came from my daughter, Bianca, always wanting to “dress like mommy.” That was hard to ignore that after awhile! Plus my husband, our CEO, and I really felt passionate about starting a kids line and wanted to make sure it felt like an extension of the Anine Bing brand. The kid’s clothes had to always be comfortable, never too precious or over the top. Kids ultimately want to be comfortable being kids and running around and getting dirty, so we made clothes that could accommodate that lifestyle while still looking cool. Between the vintage tees, army jackets, flannels, leggings and joggers, comfort and cool were the main factors in designing the collection.



Three Looks with Anine Bing

Look One:

Suit, Anine Bing; shirt, Anine Bing; purse, Chanel.

Look Two:

Skirt, Anine Bing; top, Anine Bing; shoes, Anine Bing.

Look Three:

Boots, Anine Bing; Jeans, Anine Bing; Jacket, Anine Bing.


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