Three Looks with Candace Reels

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You might remember this gorgeous face from the piece she wrote for us, here, about why representation matters. Well, on top of running Female Collective, Candace Reels also happens to be one stylish lady that embraces prints and hats in her sunny hometown of Los Angeles. We took the opportunity to live vicariously through her as it’s the dead of summer, yet our team is still in predominantly black as we New Yorkers do :)



Three Looks with Candace Reels

Describe your style in three words

Colorful, Bold, and Statement-Making

Who in your life has influenced your style?

My mom, she has always experimented with her wardrobe and that is something I do as well. I’ve learned from her that it is okay to stand out and be different than the rest.





Three Looks with Candace Reels



I know you’re a big fan of hats, why is that? When did your inclination for them start?

I love hats because it sets you apart from the crowd. I never want to go somewhere to blend in and look like someone else, and wearing hats helps me stand out in the crowd and be different.

I started wearing hats in high school, because it was another accessories I could add to my wardrobe. To me, accessories make an outfit. Being able to add hats to my wardrobe really helped make what I wore look great and complete.

I’ve now gotten to the point to where I feel weird without a hat, my whole day will be off if I don’t wear one.

You have such color in your wardrobe and life. What draws you to color?

I love lots of colors in my wardrobe, because it simply makes me happy. When I’m feeling down, throwing on something bright and colorful really uplifts my day. Nowadays I take all I can get when it comes to brighting up my day and that includes my wardrobe.

Three Looks with Candace Reels


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