Three Looks with Eddie Powers

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One night I was sitting at a bar with a friend (as many of my stories start). He mentioned another friend, a tailor, was meeting him at the bar that night. Five minutes later Eddie walks in. I’d never met Eddie before but without hesitation I said, “your friend is here.” I had never seen such well tailored jeans and perfectly fitted tee walk into this particular dive bar on a Friday night. By day Eddie is a Pattern Maker for Turnbull & Asser in New York and by night he lives in Greenpoint where you can find him fixing jeans, making garment alterations and gardening (as seen on @powersmade) Regardless of gender, I think everyone can take inspiration from impeccable fit and quality of clothes…



Three Looks with Eddie Powers

How would you describe your style in three worlds?
Lines. Drape. Layers.

You’re a pattern maker for Turnbull & Asser, a prestigious British shirtmaker. And from these photos you can see what you wear to the office (a well tailored suit) versus what you wear on your days off (still well tailored, but jeans forward). How do the two sides of your style influence each other?
It’s a wonderful feeling stepping out for a break from cutting, or on occasion, commuting from home in a bespoke suit, shirt, tie and shoes. I love the structured clean lines and function that my workwear provides, I know where I’m going. However, when the hour strikes, and it’s time to slip back into my jeans and leather jacket, I transform completely from ‘Edward’ to ‘Eddie’ but I still wear my jeans high, straight and to the heel as my suit trousers. As tailored clothing goes, I’m not partial to a close fit, rather prefer my gear to flow with me and not against, comfort is everything.

Where did your love of style and tailoring come from? Was there someone that imparted it on you? Or did you find it yourself?
My brother James introduced me to shrink-to-fit high waist jeans in my teens in a tub and I never looked back. I began my career working for small independent tailors and eventually Ralph Lauren who taught me the importance of layers, nature of various fabrics and how to pair color and texture. Comfort is everything.

Three Looks with Eddie Powers



Who are you style influences?
If anything my style is derived from theatre. Growing up my favorite hero was Anthony Banderas as ‘Zorro’ – a gentleman but vigilante, and then he was ‘El Mariachi’ in ‘Desperado’. All black, buckles belts and bravado. Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid & Dances with Wolves too, dusty colors, suits, jeans, leather, waist coats, uniform…

Favorite places to shop?
Haven’t shopped for a long while, spending the majority of my evenings fixing what I already have and love!

Otherwise my favorites are:

10ft Single by Stella & Dallas
Raggedy Threads
Turnbull & Asser
Rugged Road
Bareknuckle Boutique
Red Wing
Crockett & Jones

Finish this sentence, “Bury me in…”
….Luccese boots, my old patched up Levi’s, a Bespoke Turnbull & Asser Shirt, suede trucker jacket, Pantharella socks, a Worth and Worth hat, with a bottle of $9.99 Red Wine.

Three Looks with Eddie Powers
Three Looks with Eddie Powers


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