Three Looks with Heidi Baker

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Meet Heidi Baker! She is the brains behind the well loved and beautiful California based brand, OZMA. Read on to hear about her style philosophy and her time spent in a yurt…


How would you describe your style in three words?

Laid-back, Earthy, Effortless

How has your style evolved as you’ve gotten older?

I’m much less affected by trends and rely on my gut to define my personal taste. I also refuse to wear anything uncomfortable. I buy vintage and other small socially responsible designers almost exclusively.

Most cherished piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

My dad’s old REI fleece pullover from the 80’s. It holds such amazing memories for me of camping and being outside when we were kids and is THE most cozy thing in the world. When I wear it it’s like getting a hug from my dad.

What was your founding philosophy and inspiration when starting your clothing line, OZMA?

Our philosophy is all about personal choice and the freedom that comes with it. That by simplifying our focus on just the things and people who matter, that life expands and offers so much more. That we have the freedom to define our lives, to make positive change, to do and be a way that feels right to us. I think that the most beautiful people are those that emit the true joy and self-confidence of living from their heart.

That being said, I wanted to make clothing that would live in a woman’s closet for years and be the building blocks to a curated closet of things she truly loves and wears often. Amazing silhouettes stripped down to the elements that make a difference : earth-loving fabrics, wearable neutral colors, made in a way she can be proud to own and wear.

I worked in the industry for years before starting OZMA and was super turned off by the amount of waste and thoughtlessness and trend-chasing that went into creating and selling clothing. I knew that fashion can be fun without being irresponsible. I knew that being a designer didn’t mean subscribing to all of the norms I was taught. I knew there were women like me who demanded more, so I decided to do things my own way and create a company and a product that might speak to her the way it did to me.

Three Looks with Heidi Baker

Who is the woman you think of when designing for OZMA?

She is multi-dimensional, curious, confident, adventurous, creative, imperfect. She’s in tune with herself, the natural world, and the world around her. She actively hopes for a better environmental and social future.

I read somewhere that you live in a yurt in Topanga! Is this still true and please tell me more if so!

Yes! I did live in a yurt in Topanga for about 2 ½ years, not so long ago, while OZMA was getting to its feet. The yurt was pretty magical, built on a platform high in the hills, overlooking the canyon and with a view all the way down to the ocean. I used to say it was perched on the edge of the world. I loved falling asleep to the sound of frogs and crickets and waking up to fresh foggy ocean air. It had a big dome skylight and beautiful wood beams that I would stare up at while laying on the bed with my dog. It was fully plumbed but very simple inside and just with room for the bed and a small table and chairs. I’ve always been a big traveler, so living with very few things has always felt natural to me, so it was cozy! There was a bathroom built under the yurt with a clawfoot tub and a window that opened to the hill outside. I miss daydreaming in that tub.

Three Looks with Heidi Baker

Three Looks with Heidi Baker

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