Three Looks with Imani Randolph

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A couple of weeks ago I was talking to two of my most stylish friends about who they would like to see on DORÉ. They both simultaneously squealed, “Imaniiiii,” followed by breathless gushing and praise. Not a surprising reaction, given Imani’s killer style.

Imani definitely has a knack for pulling a look together. And even more of a knack for shopping! I loved that the majority of the items she wore during our shoot were vintage or thrifted. Imani clearly loves fashion, but in a way that’s consistent with her funny and down-to-earth personality (example: she cites the cast of the Sopranos as her style icons). We loved our time hanging out with her!


Describe your style in 3 words or phrases.
Vintage-inspired. Experimental. Textural.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?
These days I can’t get enough of billowy button-ups, especially those of the silk variety. That paired with athletic shorts and a heeled-sandal or mule does the trick for me. I’m all about contrasts — high/low, traditionally masculine/feminine, oversized/fitted. That uniform checks all three of those boxes for me.

dore three looks with imani

During our shoot, Bogdana and I were drooling over all of your great thrifted finds. Give us the details! Where do you like to shop and what are some of your best tips for thrifting?
I am passionate about online shopping and my thrifting habits don’t stray from that comfort zone. I’m constantly gobbling up pieces from The Break and Berriez; both accounts post their new pieces on Instagram stories so it makes it incredibly easy for me to spend all my money (lol). I’m also a huge fan of The Real Real, Tradesy, and the like.
My north star for thrifting is this: if you can’t imagine three ways you’d wear something you’re considering buying, don’t get it.

What are you excited about right now in fashion?
The growth of inclusivity in every meaning of the word. Minorities and marginalized groups are finally beginning to be heard, seen, and appreciated as they deserve. To this point, as thrilling as it is to see diverse representation in campaigns and editorials, I also look forward to seeing these changes mirrored behind the camera. I am excited about the industry championing more voices in hair styling, makeup artistry, creative and art direction, photography, design — everything!

dore three looks with imani

dore three looks with imani

dore three looks with imani

Ok, now tell us your favorite…

Song of the moment?
Cool Cat by Queen, (this song made its way into my life via a Raya profile — best thing to come of that app tbh).

Office Magazine.

Sandy Liang.

Summer book?
The Girls by Emma Cline, I’m a sucker for cult content.

A toasted sesame bagel with butter and a glass of grapefruit juice.

Style icon?
A solid tie between every character from The Sopranos. Or Sade.

dore three looks with imani
dore three looks with imani

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  • So crazy gorgeous! AHHH!

  • I buy almost all my clothes vintage or second hand. I’ve done it for years already. I love it. I’ve found such great stuff. I love the hunt and also the quality of vintage clothes.

    I also started to sell on Etsy as my collection got too big already…
    Some finds are too great not to buy and then of course I don’t wear all of them.

  • Thanks a lot for mentioning Cool Cat, my friend and I had never heard this song and we both love it!

  • Danielle August, 30 2019, 10:58 / Reply

    Looovvveeee this! Thank you love all the Imani features. It’s so helpful and I get so much inspiration from seeing a woman who looks like me on the site < 3 she's fabulous!!

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