Three Looks with Jenni Lee

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When I first met Jenni over coffee a few weeks back, it took about .2 seconds for me to blurt out, “will you do a three looks for us??” She has a specific sense of style that is uniquely her and simultaneously universally enviable.

Her company Comme Si is my new favorite sock brand, so it’s no surprise she rocks a sock / shoe combo like no other. Enjoy the delicious style of Jenni Lee!

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

Describe your style in 3 words or phrases.

I would describe my style as “Classic with a Twist” (like a cocktail).

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?

My uniform is typically a neutral or monochromatic outfit with colorful accessories (hence the “twist”) – whether it be socks, shoes, bags, or jewelry – added for some flair.

My ideal outfit is comprised of soft cashmere, rigid denim, and colorful socks with sandals.

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

Why did you decide to start your own brand? And why socks?

I decided to start Comme Si from a place of personal passion and necessity. I felt that there needed to be a reliable brand for this overlooked essential – socks that are versatile, premium-made, and designed for the modern woman. I saw the opportunity to position socks as an accessory; I wear socks as a deliberate part of an outfit, like you would a belt, handbag, or piece of jewelry.

I’m a strong believer in owning fewer but better quality items that are timeless, and unfortunately most socks on the market today are cheaply produced using synthetic materials in kitschy designs. As a woman who cares about every other aspect of my appearance, I wanted socks to reflect what I look for in other fine accessories – designed well and made well, not just an afterthought.

And I knew there were other women who felt the same way. I know stylists who use socks as a “secret weapon” when styling fashion shows or editorial photoshoots because they understand the versatility of a declarative sock. I have spoken to lots of women who get it; socks are an expression of personal style and often an extension of your shoe game.

I want Comme Si to be seen as an everyday luxury and set out to make products that are both beautiful and functional. Materials matter – we intentionally sourced natural fibers like 100% Italian silk and 100% Egyptian cotton and translated these luxurious materials into an everyday knit. We paid attention to the details – the weight of the sock, the feel, the ribbing, the length, the hand finished seams, the branded ribbon tab, the colors. We work with the finest production partners in Italy who share our respect for fine craftsmanship and fine materials. As a business owner, it’s been important for me to find talented partners; across my entire business I’ve made a conscious effort to support women and people of color.

The opportunity to translate my personal values and personal taste into a brand made launching Comme Si a no-brainer.

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

What is most important to you- comfort, beauty or innovation?

Comfort is most important to me. If something looks great but makes you feel uncomfortable, there is no value in owning that item. The goal is to achieve comfort and beauty, or to innovate to make something more comfortable and beautiful.

What is the most treasured item in your closet?

The most treasured item in my closet (aside from my Comme Si socks) is a cream cashmere knit top from Prada. I initially got it for my wedding – I wanted to wear something that was both beautiful and comfortable – knowing that I could wear it after the occasion. I love that I can wear something that carries so much meaning and joy, casually (Marie Kondo would approve of this top).

Who or what are you inspired by?

I am inspired by stylists; they were a driving force behind Comme Si. I have so much respect for stylists because of their ability to tell a story through fashion. They are able to capture a lifestyle and create desire through figure, form, material, and setting. Stylists understand that style is a form of creative expression, and details matter to them, something I can relate to.

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks

atelier dore three looks with jenni lee comme si socks


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