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Three Looks with Jonne Amaya

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Jonne Amaya is an emerging fine jeweler, hyper-focused on sustainability. Born in Mexico and based in LA, Jonne creates custom fine jewelry with intention, never designing in bulk.

Enjoy this three looks with Jonne shot in Los Angeles!

Three Looks with Jonne Amaya

How would you describe your style in three words?

Earthy, relaxed and structured. The colors I wear tend to be a bit muted; nothing neon or printed, rarely bright. My style is more relaxed because I rarely dress up and prefer the casual jeans or pants and a t-shirt look, but keeping it structured so I still look pulled-together.

What comes first when getting dressed — the jewelry or the clothes? 

Although I’m very minimal with how I dress, I always wear all my jewelry. I like having my necklaces intertwined over my shirt. I feel naked without earrings, and my hands need the weight of my rings. I sleep this way too, so I’d say it is jewelry first, then clothes.

Three Looks with Jonne Amaya

What is your jewelry philosophy — do you constantly rotate your jewelry or do you usually stick with the same pieces for a period of time?

I like to think that I’ll constantly be evolving and as I do, I’ll want to re-design/repurpose my pieces. Over the past two years, I’ve been wearing the same jewelry on a daily basis. The only thing I’ve re-designed recently was my engagement ring. 

Tell us a bit about your sustainable jewelry line, JONNE. What inspired you to start it? 

I refer to myself as a personal jeweler and sustainable designer. Because of this, I never fall within the category of owning a “jewelry line.” Three years ago, I found myself making custom pieces for my friends and realized that there were many people who had pieces they no longer used, but kept because of the sentimental value they held. This is why I started repurposing.

The more I created custom/repurposed items, the less I wanted to be part of the masses that pre-designed and manufactured in bulk. This really launched me into a path of designing with intention. Sustainably is a huge focus, for my own peace of mind, and for each client that I work with.

Three Looks with Jonne Amaya

You’re originally from Mexico, but now live in Los Angeles. How do those two cultures influence your style?

Mexico City style is more formal than in LA. My own personal style is more relaxed, so I think I’m more of an LA girl. I feel that growing up in Mexico City influenced my approach to luxury: I prefer to own one good item versus ten inexpensive pieces. This type of thinking is very common in Mexico: saving up for a timeless, high quality item instead of constantly consuming lower-quality, on-trend pieces.  

Three Looks with Jonne Amaya

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