Three Looks with Joyce Lee

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Joyce Lee is the Head of Design at Madewell. Just like the brand that she works for, Joyce is cool, easy-going, and approachable. And so is her style! We had the pleasure of hanging out with her a couple of weeks ago in her Brooklyn neighborhood.

dore three looks joyce lee madewell

dore three looks joyce lee madewell

dore three looks joyce lee madewell

Describe your style in three words or phrases.

Effortless, authentic and casual.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?

It’s always either denim or something grounded in denim. Or a jumpsuit, like a one-piece outfit.

How do you think your work at Madewell relates to your own personal style?

I definitely feel like it’s intertwined. I feel really lucky that the ethos of the brand is what I’m personally drawn to in terms of how I dress and put things together. It’s mutually influenced. The brand feels very much a part of me and what I personally love. The timeless denim, the super easy pieces, and the special pieces that add a little twist…that brings some personality to your outfit. I always like to dress like that. I start with basic things like a good pair of jeans, a great t-shirt, and then I love a fun accessory, something just a little novel.

dore three looks joyce lee madewell
dore three looks joyce lee madewell

Who or what are you inspired by? Do you have any style icons?

I’m honestly inspired mostly by walking around outside and seeing people. I love travelling and people watching. It feels so nice to see how people put their things together versus the things on Instagram or Pinterest (which is still great, but real people inspire me!).

What is the most treasured item in your closet?

I think it’s my oldest pair of jeans because they’re so worn in. They’re a pair of old vintage Wranglers. Unfortunately, they have rips in the knees now, which I’m bummed about because I liked them without the rips. But, I guess I’ll just embrace them as part of the story.

dore three looks joyce lee madewell

dore three looks joyce lee madewell

Why do you think women relate so well to the Madewell brand?

I think it’s super easy to relate to because it’s everyday dressing. I feel like the brand has something for everyone. It can span such a wide range of ages– I know girls in high school who love the brand and I know my mother will wear our jeans and feel good in them. She’s like, “Joyce, I bought the white skinny jeans. I love them!” It’s really fun to see the range. It’s effortless, easy and classic.

What’s the difference between style and fashion to you?

Style is something that should be coming from inside. It’s different for everyone, but at the end of the day, it’s about feeling like your authentic self. It’s your personal take on how you put things together. Versus fashion, which is always changing. It’s a whirlwind. But, style is timeless.

dore three looks joyce lee madewell

Top, Madewell; Jeans, B Sides; Rope Belt, RTH Shop

Shorts, Madewell; Vans, Madewell; Jacket, Madewell; Tank top, Madewell; Sunglasses, Celine;

Romper, Madewell; Purse, Madewell; Shoes, Amanu


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