Three Looks with Lindsey Boyd

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We are popping down to lush Miami to bring you this Three Looks with Lindsey Boyd! You might know her as the co-founder of The Laundress, but we’re here to key you into her new exciting project as founder & designer of Rondel fine jewelry, a new charm-based collection meant to tell stories, preserve memories and be passed down for generations. Enjoy these charms!

How would you describe your style in three words? 
Feminine, Colorful, Maximalist
How has living in Miami (versus New York) influenced your style? 
I have not been in Miami that long, but I did adjust my wardrobe to be more in line with the Miami seasons, which is more like Fall, Spring and lots of Summer. Even though it is warm here, I still like to dress seasonally appropriate, so I adjust my colors and clothing depending on the month. I can still wear my favorite booties, sweaters and shawls. I assumed I would wear my summer dresses all year round, but that really doesn’t work, so adjusting the fabric choices and color palette is important no matter where you are. Shoes were probably the biggest change for me as I love tall boots – and boots in general. These have been put away for my trips up north and sneakers took their place! Mostly my style remains the same! After all… I am a New Yorker (through and through) living in Miami.

Who do you remember looking to for style inspiration when you were growing up?
I looked to more of a “what” than a “who”. I love people watching – from hair styles to clothing to, of course, jewelry.  I was always inspired by street style when I traveled, and still do. I loved noticing different looks wherever I went. I would notice details and appreciated fashion and design as young as a teenager. For example, I really love the way Europeans would add a fabulous silk scarf with jeans and wear a simple long gold necklace adorned with a single gold medallion. Simple yet chic.
What inspired your latest jewelry venture, Rondel?
My grandmother’s charm collection that was passed down to me. She had several charm bracelets with antique coins and medallions engraved by my grandfather for special anniversaries, as well as shapes that were representative of her and the life she led. I loved how her jewelry was so personal to her and that she wore it every day. I hope to create something similar through Rondel – a new kind of heirloom of the finest quality that tells stories and can be passed down for generations. There is a lot of factory-made fashion jewelry out there that costs a lot but is not the best quality. Rondel incorporates high quality and craftsmanship with contemporary yet timeless style. Every element in the collection is something special from the time it is designed to the moment it graces a neck or wrist – all hand-drawn by me, made by hand by “ustas” or masters and, ultimately, cherished by the wearer forever.

Three Looks with Lindsey Boyd

What is the most treasured piece of clothing in your wardrobe and most treasured piece of jewelry in your jewelry collection?
My most treasured piece of clothing is my first Chanel jacket that I bought while working at Chanel that was not a sample style! I still have it and wear it today. It is about 20 years old at this point and looks brand new, because I launder it with The Laundress products – of course!
My most treasured pieces of jewelry are my wedding bands. I know I will be able to pass them on to my children, and hopefully keep that going for generations. I believe in passing things down to family and friends. Gifting something special to someone you love is so personal and really powerful. It holds a special meaning and story!
My father recently gave his favorite children’s book that he read when he was 10 to my seven-year-old son, William. When Will received the pass down he said, “Poppi, I will treasure this forever, and when I am old like you, I will pass this on to my children and then my grandchildren; right mom, that’s how it works?”

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