Three Looks With Louise Follain

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Louise is one of those totally effortless beauties. She’s comfortable in her own skin, she’s easy going and down to earth. She knows what works for her and she doesn’t make things too complicated. Cool and elegant. I was happy to hear that she recently moved from Paris to Williamsburg, so I could meet her in person and share her style with all of you!

Three Looks With Louise Follain

Describe your style in 3 words.
Eclectic, playful, easy. I like my style to look spontaneous, so I try not to overthink when I dress.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?
It changes every couple of months – I tend to have some key pieces every season around which I will adapt my outfit. For winter, I have 3 to 4 coats I’m obsessed with (a Max Mara teddy bear coat, a khaki Pierre Cardin trench, a beautiful and simple Burberry wool coat). I pair them with a nice pair of jeans, low boots, a neutral sweater, and it’s done. I love wearing layers too. It’s my favorite things about cold weather, styling combinations are endless!

Three Looks With Louise Follain
Three Looks With Louise Follain



Three Looks With Louise Follain

Who are your style icons?
Movie/series characters such as Margot Tenenbaum, Jodie Foster, Rachel Green in the first seasons of Friends, Megan Draper, Annie Hall.

What is the most valued thing in your closet?
An Agnès B. blazer from the 90s that I stole from my mother. It has this perfect fit I’ve never found on any other!

Three Looks With Louise Follain

How does New York style differ from Parisian style?
I’d say New York style is a bit more sophisticated and racy. Parisian style can be very classic, the goal is more to fit in, whereas in NY, I feel like people take more risks and style is much more a way of expressing yourself, acting as a true reflection of your personality. You can wear whatever you want and people don’t look at you like you came from another galaxy (which they sometimes do in Paris if your style is a bit too bold).

Do you consider your style to be quintessentially French? How do you put your own unique twist on your wardrobe?
I don’t think my style is particularly French, as I think it doesn’t mean much anymore and everyone has their own style. Probably a little bit in the way I don’t like to put too much effort into how I look and I hate to overdress. Whenever I am overdressed or put too much effort into a look, I feel disguised. This doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s just a matter of knowing what suits you or not…

I do like to spice my outfits up a little bit, so my thing is to try to stay original without trying too hard. I like to wear colors, to mix patterns, to try non-obvious things. I collect vintage finds and love to mix basics with strong pieces. Sometimes I like my outfits very simple and « passe partout » as we say in French. Other times, I feel like pulling off something more crazy… it just depends on the day ! Basically, my outfits are a good reflection of my current mood and if I’m feeling lazy or not… :)

Three Looks With Louise Follain
Three Looks With Louise Follain


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  • Louise a un super style, cool, etc….mais les photos m’ont donne une brusque envie d’etre a New York. Tout de suite ! (Merci Bogdana ! :-)

  • C’est l’automne qui rend New York si attrayant. Venez visiter, Sevan!

  • I love love love the vinyl coat in the first couple of pictures. Do you know where it is from?

  • Christina December, 17 2018, 11:48

    Hi Sophie!

    It’s vintage :)
    I love it too!

  • Seriously great style and I LOVE all the purses! I want them all!!

  • Can you tell me who makes the small brown leather bag with the rings on closure? It’s lovely, and perfect in size. Thank you.

  • Zaza of Geneva December, 18 2018, 4:59 / Reply

    J’ADORE son style, élégant tout en étant sobre et sans chichis. J’adore le fait qu’elle mélange des pièces de marques avec d’autres vêtements plus simples. Et en plus elle est très belle.

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