Three Looks with Mali Marciano

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We have been loving spending some time in Paris and catching up on all things effortlessly Parisian. Mali Marciano embodies this with her line, Le Kasha. Read on to learn how she approaches all things fashion and style.

How would you describe your style in three words? 
I would say: Casual, classic, and comfortable.
I pay an extreme attention to the fabrics I’m wearing because quality and simplicity always lead to elegance. 

What is your secret to achieving the effortless and undone style of French women? 
The secret is “don’t overthink.” To not buy too much clothes, but have the right pieces to have a clear and easy-going wardrobe with some special pieces. Also, don’t put too much efforts while preparing yourself, go light on make up, jewelry and chose an element of your silhouette that will be the highlight but avoid the “too much.”

Three Looks with Mali Marciano

Do you think you have a uniform? Or a go-to approach to dressing? 
I don’t know if you can call this an uniform, but I do have an approach to dressing: efficient basics, quality fabrics. I will usually wear a classic jean, white t-shirt, cashmere sweater, trench coat, mules or sneakers and a discrete handbag, never any logo.

When designing for Le Kasha, who are the women that inspire you? 
I don’t consider Le Kasha as a fashion brand, so I don’t necessarily follow trends and I prefer to create timeless pieces that I would like to wear and keep forever. A woman that could be my inspiration will be an elegant and adventurous woman, like Kristin Scott Thomas’ character in the English Patient which I find very special.

What is the most treasured clothing item in your closet? 
I have a small closet, compared to usual women. I focus on only pieces I really like and wear.
However, if I need to choose one, I would say it is my Le Kasha silk dress. I love the fit and the color. I am usually wearing only neutral color so from time to time I love to wear a special dress in a beautiful color. I can wear it with an oversize cashmere sweater/ short boots in winter or with sandals in summer.

Three Looks with Mali Marciano

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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira May, 20 2021, 5:51 / Reply

    Olá !!!
    Casual, classic, and comfortable on point !!!
    And… with all due respect but, don’t you think that Mali’s facial features transmits an almost ethereal calm ?

    (also liked the coffee table books in the penultimate picture !!!)


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