Upstate with Taylor Foster

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Taylor is the definition of regal beauty. And I mean this from the inside-out. With her tousled red hair, dainty freckles, and enough grace to fill a thousand rooms. Everything about her and her home felt warm and inviting like a cosy afternoon spent sipping tea, laughing and lounging with loved ones around a bustling, wood-burning fireplace. Taylor has and does many things, to say the least. She is the mother of a young boy, a baker, a model, and the maker of an organic beauty line that Pia and I have not stopped using since we walked out of there. Taylor is the newest to full-time Upstate living of the ladies we met and she most certainly makes this slower lifestyle look quite enticing, don’t you think? Meet Taylor!



Describe your style in 3 words.

Quirky, comfortable, eclectic (are quirky and eclectic the same thing?!)

What’s most important when it comes to style: comfort, beauty, or innovation?

Variety. I like having options.

Are there things you don’t wear?

Can’t think of anything? Not a big fan of revealing clothing….? Nothing that looks too forced? I like easy and true to yourself!

Your style is very bohemian, but in a sophisticated sense that I feel is quite rare. How has this tendency toward boho silhouettes, prints, and designs developed over the years? Do you feel that your inner spirit and lifestyle matches that of the bohemian aesthetic your wardrobe takes on?

I’ve always been attracted to prints, loud colors and throwing things together in odd ways. Putting on striped vintage socks with a black cocktail dress and wearing flats with it just puts it in a different category than a simple black cocktail dress…. I like pushing boundaries of what’s thought of as proper—but not in a revealing way. I’ve always been the girl who wears a printed polyester dress to breakfast. It’s just more comfortable than jeans for me. My inner spirit absolutely reflects my bohemian wardrobe! I don’t ever like trying too hard – I like easy. Easy elegance.

Upstate with Taylor Foster
Upstate with Taylor Foster



Upstate with Taylor Foster
Upstate with Taylor Foster

I was amazed by your collection of vintage. You’ve accumulated iconic designs from esteemed designers like Marimekko, Lanvin, and Pucci to name a few. Can you tell us about your passion for buying vintage? How did it start and what draws you to such pieces?

I love, love, love vintage. On every level. I started going to the salvation army and goodwill when I was about 13. I would whip through the racks and find amazing pieces for $2. I was broke and as I said earlier – I like options. So buying a bunch of new clothes just wasn’t an option for me. But what I really love is being able to find a style or print that you couldn’t just walk into a store and find. I lived in those dresses growing up – and I didn’t have to feel to precious or concerned about them getting dirty or messed up. It never feels like I’m trying too hard when I throw on a vintage dress or slip – even if it’s an amazing piece. It just feels natural. I went through a phase when I started modeling in my early 20’s when I felt like all my vintage clothes weren’t good enough – I should somehow be buying new clothes to present myself as more ‘put together’. So I did that and it just felt so odd. I quickly went back to my vintage roots and learned how to embrace my personal style.

You are a mother, a baker, a business owner, and still have time to model on the side. How do you make it all work? What part of the chaos makes you feel most fulfilled? How has moving Upstate full time affected your lifestyle and how you work?

It’s a juggle but I’ve realized I’m a passionate person who likes to have lots of things to accomplish – it makes me feel good. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and I’m learning how to slow down and enjoy the process more instead of stressing out!
My son is my biggest source of the ‘be here now’ energy I like to call it. He forces me to slow down (or speed up in some cases! 7-year-old boy energy!) and find a slice of joy in all moments of life. I love creating things – baking – skincare – a beautiful image and in doing that hopefully help and inspire other people around me. When I can share that with someone and help them tap into joy I feel the most fulfilled.

Moving upstate full-time has been the best decision. You immediately have more space to think and feel. You come up against yourself in different ways than you do in the city (which is both scary & enlightening!). Just breathing the air, looking at the stars and walking through the grass on a daily basis changes your outlook. The community around you feels intimately connected to you – and maybe you can get that in the city too – but I didn’t have that! I can pop over to a friends house and have a cup of tea and talk at the kitchen table – sort out whatever’s up for me that day – and then go about my day. I have people around me that help out with my son – and he has an amazing life up here. It’s really an incredible experience of feeling connected with the people around you and the nature that surrounds you. My lifestyle is completely different up here! Being able to have bonfires and dinner parties outside is a gift.



Upstate with Taylor Foster

Look 1: APC jeans, American Apparel tank top

Look 2: Marimekko dress

Look 3: Emilio Pucci dress, Jeffrey white flats


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