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Under It

So Garance may have already said it best ” Ultimately, no one cares if our underwear is more functional than sexy. Everyone knows this: guys couldn’t care less about the lingerie we...

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Garance Dore Dating Column

Life x Love

Author’s note: Mom, don’t read this. Everything about this guy seemed ideal: he had a genuine...

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Who said nights were for sleep?

Who said nights were for sleep?

Gift of the Day: The perfect accessory for my next masquerade ball…by Agent Provocateur

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Vogue Ball Illustration

The Masquerade Ball

III Crystal & Me “What do you think? How cool is this mask?” Crystal Renn asked me...

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Vogue Ball Mask Illustration

The Masquerade Ball

I – You are not on the list ! So Garaaaaaaaaance! What are you gonna wear to Carine’s...

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Sans dessus dessous !

Sans dessus dessous !

Seeing as I resemble more Lara S. than Kate M., in terms of my voluptuousness of life, buying...

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<em>Satins & Lace</em>

Satins & Lace

Attention: this post is off limits to men. Tomorrow, guys! Hello, ladies! Here’s how the story...

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