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The EDIT No. 3 / Recap

For years, one of my big questions has been how to present fashion on the blog. How to make the blog evolve, from my beginnings taking streetstyle photos to today. Not only has streetstyle...

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EDIT No. 3 / Part 6: Knit Wit

Part 6 of our EDIT No. 3 is all about jewelry (and the smart knits to wear them with!). For Fall,...

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Last week, I saw my friend Ana on the street. I was coming back from a meeting, and I didn’t have...

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Ana Kras Exhibition Photo

Ana’s Exhibition

Right now in New York, Ana Kras is having an exhibition of her drawings – it’s another...

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Ana Kras Photo

The Look

I’d love to have great eyebrows like Ana for a day. Just to feel what it’s like. Mine are pretty...

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Ana Kras Photo


Here’s Ana Kras. She’s a lamp designer and photographer and I love her style. She just...

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