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Fashion News #4

Fashion News #4

1. CFDA Announces New York Men’s Fashion Week Brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Rag & Bone, Michael Kors, Public School, Michael Bastian, Billy Reid, Todd Snyder, and...

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The Del Val #26

The Del Val #26

These gorgeous birds won’t fly away.

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Is Fashion <em>That</em> Crazy ? <font size = 3>And Is This Why We Love It ?</font>

Is Fashion That Crazy ? And Is This Why We Love It ?

Have you seen It’s a Brad Brad World? What’d you think? What? You don’t know Brad?...

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Laurel Pantin Photo


So in New York City, everyone’s there watching the snow melt, REFREEZE and then we all try not...

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A Few Moving Images

A Few Moving Images

Aha! Here are the images from the shoot that I was showing you yesterday. Someone recently gave me...

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